World of Warcraft developers discuss endgame loot tables, Chris Metzen acknowledges Warcraft movie sequel rumor

Want to dig the depth.

The endgame mechanics forĀ World of Warcraft: Shadowlands are still under a degree of scrutiny by players, to the point that the developers have taken a moment on the official forums to outline the overall philosophy at work for loot tables and how the three structured reward paths (M+, top-end raiding, and ranked PvP) are meant to provide comparable rewards to players with dedicated groups for all three. Of course, the thread in question is full of people pointing out the ways in which even comparable item level rewards do not actually make these paths comparable, but the attempt was made.

Meanwhile, in the land of unconfirmed rumors, it looks like Chris Metzen has taken note of the rumors flying around about a potential second Warcraft film. The rumors remain just that, however; Metzen does not work for Blizzard any longer, after all, and he acknowledges that he’s simply passing along what he has seen. Still, if you wanted more fuel for the rumor fire this morning, you now officially have it.

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