Yikes… WoW’s Khadgar server accidentally sent characters back to Mists of Pandaria levels


Time travel isn’t unknown in World of Warcraft, but usually when players experience it there, it’s a thrilling adventure to other eras. However, some players on the game’s Khadgar server experienced a much less fun version of time travel this week as they logged in to find that their characters were de-leveled back to 80 or 90 — or deleted outright.

That’s… kind of a problem.

Blizzard confirmed that this was happening, saying, “As many of you are aware there appears to be an issue, specific to the realm of Khadgar it seems, where several characters have ‘deleveled.’ It is something that our teams are aware of and it is under investigation. The original higher level characters do not appear to be gone, so our teams are looking into what caused the issue, how to prevent it going forward, and how to return access to the higher level characters.”

Affected players are encouraged to submit tickets and then warn the gaming public about the future of Warlords of Draenor.

Source: Blizzard via Icy Veins
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