City of Heroes rebuild project SEGS expects to have an alpha by the end of the year


Back in the long long ago, before last year’s City of Heroes revival, there was a group trying to bring back the game not as a copy and not as a brand-new spiritual successor but as a legal rewrite of the game’s core that could plug into the assets players already own – and wouldn’t run afoul of NCsoft’s EULAs. That group is SEGS, aka the Super Entity Game Server Engine, and we’ve been covering it since at least 2018 as it’s been piecing the game back together, refusing to give up on that goal even when a copy of the game resurfaced last year.

Now, the group has officially announced a “pivot” for its plans. “The stated goal is still the same, with some modifications, mainly using an older version of the client to start out with instead of the Issue 0/1 client when the project originally began,” the team’s community manager posted to Reddit this week.

“So where are we now in terms of the server? Glad you asked… Currently we’re preparing pre-compiled engine release for windows and re-integrating the new engine into the SEGS-linux build. The new game editor is ‘there’ but disabled pending some work to flesh it out better. I asked about a 3 month outlook and was told.. ‘huh.. hard to answer easily. In 3 months we should have: Working login processĀ  so engine bound to SEGS network layer) Support for importing/loading maps in editor.’ So the tl;dr: SEGS is still chugging along, and we’ll have an Alpha release by late winter this year 2020. And we’ll do a live stream on YouTube to show some stuff off if we can.. (With all the bad news this year, hopefully this is taken as good news..)”

The team does say it’s still after coders to make the job “easier and faster,” so if you wanna help them out, give them a ping.

Source: Reddit, Twitter

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