Crucible’s latest beta patch brings major improvements to characters and the Heart of the Hive

Gun or run.

The latest beta patch for Crucible is all about delivering on one of the game’s stated major design goals when moving back into beta with a refocus on the Heart of the Hive mode. Players will notice a number of major changes, starting with the map refocused and rebalanced to provide more “rings” of danger moving out from the center of the map. There are also new enemy types in each camp, with enemies spawning in reliable places and better communication about where critters are coming from.

Beyond that, players can also look forward to floating damage numbers, better overall guidance for new players about where to go and what to do, and a huge host of balance changes to each of the individual characters. Hives also have more consistent spawn locations to make for a more engaging and predictable play experience. The team has already rolled out a quick hotfix to sort out some of the bugs from the big patch, but you can get a full look at all the changes in the official rundown.


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Dug From The Earth

have they added voice or text team chat yet?