Not So Massively Roundup: Destiny 2, Spellbreak, Vigor, Valorant, Frostpoint, Shadow Arena, and PUBG’s BLACKPINK collab


Welcome to a quick roundup of some news from the Not-So-Massively world!

Destiny 2: Bungie posted a trailer and a detailed dev blog on Destiny 2’s dynamic weather and storms on Europa, all in the leadup to the Beyond Light expansion.

“The team tested features like slowing player movement, altering grenade paths, and even knocking players off their Sparrows. ‘It was painfully unfun and made doing anything in the game almost impossible,’ said Velicky. VFX Lead Justin Hayward added, ‘We iterated a lot to find a delicate balance between it seeming dangerous but without it actually being disorienting, oppressive, or negatively impacting core gameplay.'”

PUBG Mobile: Not to be outdone by Fortnite’s BTS collaboration, PUBG Mobile has teamed up with kpop girl group BLACKPINK. “Specially-themed in-game items, visuals, lobby music and BLACKPINK support events are now available for players to experience” in the game, PUBG Corp says. “From Sept 24 to Oct 2, PUBG MOBILE players can listen to BLACKPINK’s recent-released popular single, How You Like That, in the game lobby. Leading up to the release of BLACKPINK’s highly-anticipated record The Album on Friday, Oct. 2, players can also enjoy listening to the new song in the game lobby since its release.”

Vigor: Bohemia Interactive’s latest bleak, dystopian survival shooter, Vigor, launched for the Nintendo Switch – and yes, it’s free-to-play. The world needed another one of these for sure.

Spellbreak: The brand-new battle royale Spellbreak is already touting 5 million players since launch. If you’re curious about it, check out our hands-on with the game in our Fight or Kite column from earlier this week. Our PvP columnist was surprised to love it.

Valorant: Riot Games discussed Valorant’s First Strike Tournament in a new preview video. Esports esports esports!

Frostpoint: Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds, set to launch later this year, is heading into open beta on September 28th. Yes, on a Monday. It’ll run through October 19th. “Players can earn a free copy of the retail game in a ‘Play to Own’ campaign by connecting their Steam or Oculus account and meeting specific milestones while playing the open beta,” Thirdverse and ixXile say.

Shadow Arena: Pearl Abyss officially dropped its new character – or rather, new characters. Ba-ri and her companion Heilang are live for Shadow Arena players now.

“Today Pearl Abyss has released one of the most unique heroes to date into the Shadow Arena roster with the dynamic duo of Ba-ri and Heilang. Unlike any other character in the game, Ba-ri commands her faithful beast companion Heilang to perform devastating combo attacks. While Ba-ri can attack independently with her Celestial Bo Staff, she is vulnerable while alone and truly shines with Heiling by her side. Heilang not only can tear opponents to shreds, he also has the ability to mark a territory granting a Super Armor CC resistance buff that will benefit other players as well. And if you need an extra speed boost, Ba-ri can mount up on Heilang and speed through the battlefield to help her allies or chase down enemies.”


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