TERA Console delays its crossplay release to mid-November


Crossplay is no small feature for an MMO, as it allows players across different platforms to be able to connect and adventure together. It’s been an anticipated feature for TERA’s console edition, but now gamers are going to have to wait a little while longer to get it.

Krafton said that it’s delaying the rollout of TERA Console crossplay between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 from the end of October until mid-November. This move is happening for two reasons: the fall reorganization of the studio following En Masse Entertainment’s dissolution and a desire to release crossplay in all regions at the same time rather than perform a staggered rollout.

When it arrives, players will have access to both crossplay- and console-specific chat channels — and even the ability not to opt into crossplay in the first place.

Source: Twitter

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