Afrofantasy MMO The Wagadu Chronicles hits Kickstarter target, adds navigation stretch goal


Earlier this week, we covered the launch of the Kickstarter for a new MMO The Wagadu Chronicles. Built by diversity-minded developer Twin Drums and based in Berlin, Germany, the game is a PC/Mac MMORPG with an afrofantasy setting and a serious focus on the “roleplaying” part of our favorite acronym. While the game is backed by Riot Games, the Kickstarter sought $117K US from would-be players to increase its development budget and bring player input into the conversation (and no doubt help prove to Riot that the game is something the genre wants).

And there’s good news for the game today: It’s just cleared its base Kickstarter goal, passing $118,000 US as I type this. “We cannot even begin to express our gratitude for the love and support you’ve poured into this project so far,” the team wrote this morning ahead of the funding. “For many of us working on The Wagadu Chronicles was the first time where we were able to contribute to a fantasy world where our experiences mattered <3.”

So with the funding comes stretch goals, and based on the current graphic, the team has at least three planned (we assume there are more to come as they’re achieved). The first, at the $125,000 mark – not that far off now – introduces the navigation system.

As we’ve previously noted, the MMORPG is expected in Q4 2022, with roleplay servers, rewards for roleplayers, anti-toxicity measures, an immense skills system without grind, a player-centric crafting system, housing and farming, customizable gear, and (perhaps controversially) player corpse looting.

Source: Kickstarter, official site. Cheers, treehuggerhannah!

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Breath of fresh air and so much needed particularly during those times. And with the backing of Riot and their expertise … I said I’ll likely never back one again after Shroud of the Avatar and Ashes of Creation but I guess it is time once more. Backed and crossing fingers. :)


The setting is a really nice change to the norm. However I am skeptical about the promises of roleplaying. Real hardcore roleplay tends to only work out on very strict and whitelisted servers. This means that you need to write an application and wait for approval. I’m not sure if that is the vision that the developers and backers have in mind but it is what it will take to make roleplay a reality.

Bruno Brito

I also feel that RP doesn’t work well with full-PvP mechanics. Both communities don’t mesh well. PvP is about disruption ( not being toxic here, it’s about combat ), RP is about harmony. RP communities aren’t really known for being disruptive. RP-PvP communities normally find a common ground where they create backstories and such but the core game is PvP.


I’d be in it for the 5e books they’re offering but the physical versions are only included in the tiers 90$+ which is too much, esp. incl. shipping to EU. They should have included them as add-ons so that you can pledge if you’re not interested in the MMO.

Adam Russell

Cultural appropriation!!1


…I thought you would gone for Virtue Signalling or Too Wokeness. o.O


*Pigtails prays to whatever deity that this projects doesn’t go Chris Roberts on us*


While I suspect that the involvement of Riot may prove to be a mixed blessing for the devs overall, I do think their influence will be a positive in this particular area. They aren’t going to fund an infinite development process; if there isn’t a viable product to release in a reasonable amount of time, I think Riot will pull the plug.


Original setting and nice to see something different for the genre. Good luck to them!


I’m very pleased they reached their initial goal! I backed it, and I really hope it comes to fruition. I’m excited to see what they do with the afrofantasy vibe. I’m all for more diversity in games.

(I always see Kickstarters as a risk. This risk was worth it to me.)

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This goes back to the only truly valid reason to support a Kickstarter: to help a project you believe in reach fruition. They hit their goal. Now comes the wait for the game itself…

David Goodman

They mention a fifth edition setting a few times in the video – is this based (at least loosely) on D&D?

Or am I misunderstanding this particular use of the term? (which seems likely!)

I’m liking what i’m seeing though.

Hikari Kenzaki

5E is the current open-source platform based on D&D, similar to the old d20 system.

It allows game designers to make game settings using rule sets that people are familiar with through the Open Game License.

So, it’s non-branded D&D.


Glad to hear that the guys are pulling this off. I wonder if there will be the option to create a non-african looking character. I’d gladly explore the lore and the setting, but to feel immersed, I need to have a character resembling my own look (to the degree the features allow it).


Game sounds really neat. I’ve been saying I’d like more games inspired by African stories and legends for years. Just to have something different from the typical European Fantasy influenced games. It’s nice to have more variety in the Fantasy MMO scene.

The game being all Black characters is fine with me, I don’t mind it at all, but… let’s just say I hope they have a good moderation team to help weed out bad apples.

They had me until you mentioned player corpse looting, that is a definite nope from me. I was excited until I saw that part of the article. My stuff is MY stuff. Probably has Open PVP, too, also a big nope. Oy vey.

Looks like I won’t be playing it. But, I hope it does well, so it opens up the door for more games like it.