Afrofantasy MMO The Wagadu Chronicles hits Kickstarter target, adds navigation stretch goal


Earlier this week, we covered the launch of the Kickstarter for a new MMO The Wagadu Chronicles. Built by diversity-minded developer Twin Drums and based in Berlin, Germany, the game is a PC/Mac MMORPG with an afrofantasy setting and a serious focus on the “roleplaying” part of our favorite acronym. While the game is backed by Riot Games, the Kickstarter sought $117K US from would-be players to increase its development budget and bring player input into the conversation (and no doubt help prove to Riot that the game is something the genre wants).

And there’s good news for the game today: It’s just cleared its base Kickstarter goal, passing $118,000 US as I type this. “We cannot even begin to express our gratitude for the love and support you’ve poured into this project so far,” the team wrote this morning ahead of the funding. “For many of us working on The Wagadu Chronicles was the first time where we were able to contribute to a fantasy world where our experiences mattered <3.”

So with the funding comes stretch goals, and based on the current graphic, the team has at least three planned (we assume there are more to come as they’re achieved). The first, at the $125,000 mark – not that far off now – introduces the navigation system.

As we’ve previously noted, the MMORPG is expected in Q4 2022, with roleplay servers, rewards for roleplayers, anti-toxicity measures, an immense skills system without grind, a player-centric crafting system, housing and farming, customizable gear, and (perhaps controversially) player corpse looting.

Source: Kickstarter, official site. Cheers, treehuggerhannah!
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