EVE Online talks about recent updates, SKIN bundles, and a relaxed banning policy in a video


EVE Online has put out yet another Pulse video newsletter, scooping together the most recent updates to the spaceship sandbox in one condensed bite of information. And this time around, it doesn’t feature the running “gag” of one of the devs being blown up by a random enemy.

The video draws together the most recent happenings including the zenith of the Triglavian invasion and updates released over the course of September that added Abyssal Deadspace tiers, ship balance adjustments, and quantum cores for structures. The video also highlighted a number of Abyssal Proving Ground events and some returning ship SKINs as part of a best of 2020 bundle and in celebration of Amarr Coronation Day.

Finally the video pointed toward an adjustment to the game’s real-life harassment policy which it’s calling “Capsuleer Redemption,” which will see alleged violations assessed on a case-by-case basis along with the end of permabanning on a first offense except for RMT-related offenses.

source: YouTube
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