Fans are working on an improved Warcraft 2 remake with Warcraft III: Reforged

Again and again and again and...

It goes without saying at this point that Warcraft III: Reforged failed at pretty much everything it was supposed to do, with the game’s very slow patches still working on adding back in functionality like custom campaigns that was working in the original game. Having those custom campaigns back would be a boon to a new fan project, though. Chronicles of the Second War aims to be a full recreation and remaster of Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness using Reforged as the basis.

The massive changes to gameplay and design between the games makes this a pretty massive task, but the team working on the project has already put the first four missions of the Orc campaign up for testing as demo maps. The plan, of course, is to have the entirety of both racial campaigns available, complete with customized units and graphics. Check out the trailer just below; it’s clearly a labor of love for the team working on the project.


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It’s clearly a labor of love… but with the new TOS and EULA that Blizz-ivision rammed through, they own all of this. I could be misunderstanding the “all your work belongs to us clause,” but it sure sounded like the intent was that from now on every mod fans make is property of Blizzard by virtue of existing. So there’s nothing stopping them from taking the fan upgrades and just… patching them into the main game? (I honestly don’t know for sure, I uninstalled all things Blizzard years ago.)