Naoki Yoshida is focusing on Final Fantasy XIV even as he manages hype for Final Fantasy XVI

One brings GLOWERS

Right now, Naoki Yoshida is focused on Final Fantasy XIV. That doesn’t mean that he’s forgotten about the fact that he’s serving as producer for Final Fantasy XVI, and he even brought it up during his TGS presentation on Sunday. Specifically, he talked about managing expectations by ensuring that the first footage was in-game graphics and showed off early gameplay, rather than just a full cinematic trailer. A teaser site will probably launch in late October with some more information, but Yoshida is as always focused on keeping clear lines of communication with players.

Yoshida also confirmed that patch 5.35 will arrive in FFXIV on October 13th, slightly delayed due to the team taking a brief vacation after the summer-long development push for 5.3. In the category of “just patched” instead of “awaiting a patch,” the Final Fantasy XI team wrapped up another stream of the game recently touring Odyssey and Abyssea; you can catch that just below. You should also check out our own recent interview with Yoshida, if you haven’t.

Source: Kotaku, Twitch

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I like that they showed in-game graphics for FFXVI and thought they looked perfectly fine. If they get even better, great! If not, fine in my book.