The Wagadu Chronicles outlines its newly achieved navigation stretch goal, looks to Swala sub-lineages next


There’s 32 days left to the Kickstarter campaign of The Wagadu Chronicles, but the project has already hit its first stretch goal. As detailed in the latest update post, this new navigation system will now allow players to sail the open ocean between islands manually and open up three new types of boats for carpenters to create. The system will also introduce winds to manage, obstacles to navigate around, and sea creatures to worry about. We covered this first goal earlier, but the post is the first time that the mechanics of navigation have been laid out

Next up on the stretch goal list is the introduction of Swala Manifestations, which will introduce sub-lineage details for the Swala, a tribe of grassland dwellers and cattle herders. This means not only introducing the three branches of Swala into the game but also implementing unique in-game mechanics such as the defensive horns of the Buffalo’s Blessing Swala along with unique cosmetic items. This stretch goal will be met when funding hits the $132K mark, which shouldn’t take too long as the game currently has over $128K in the kitty at the time of this writing.

source: Kickstarter (1, 2)

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They claim there will be no open world PVP, so I guess if a NPC kills you either it will loot you like happened in UO I believe, or loot will lay on the ground for anyone to pick up?

Or will some or all of it just be destroyed as sometimes happens in EVE with cargo and ship modules?

Inquiring minds want to know.


I second the motion for more information about the corpse looting, because it’s most definitely a major nope for me.

Kickstarter Donor

It looks interesting and African mythology is to the uninitiated pretty cool, but I want to know more about the previously mentioned corpse looting as that sounds very PvP oriented and deal breaky to me.. :(