Trove’s ‘hubdate’ patch delivers an improved landing experience


It’s a real toss-up whether Trove’sHubdate” patch or Blizzard’s “BlizzConline” is going to win the prestigious award for “Most Annoyingly Clever MMO Portmanteau.” While we’ll have to wait until 2021 for the latter, Trove’s offering is available right now.

As the name implies, the Hubdate delivers a reworked layout for the game’s central hub. “The PC Hub update is filled with features you could have found through menus, but now have a physical form and home! A similar update will come to console platforms as well in the near future,” the team wrote.

To minimize confusion and maximize fun, the dev team provided an easy-to-understand guide showing the 10 points of interest around the hub, including the club house, character corner, and dragon crucible.

Source: Trove

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I expected to like Trove a lot more than I ultimately did. Now it’s installed, on my “I wish I had more time to play this” list but not on the “active play” roster.

I have always enjoyed Minecraft, but that’s mainly about building colossal structures and complicated technical feats with the building blocks they provide. Trove certainly pushes some buttons there.

Trove is very engaging and interesting at first but after a couple of hours (for me) it sort of goes Borderlands 1 on me where all the variety in drops and bosses ultimately just feel like a random-number generator with no sense of accomplishment or progress (that I honestly wasn’t something I thought I’d needed, at the start).

I confess, I’m “way out in the black” in Elite Dangerous and as much as I fundamentally enjoy the exploration…I’m sort of starting to feel that there too. At least with ED there’s a vague sense that I might just run into something programmatic placed there for players to find* – I don’t think there’s even that in Trove, despite the procedural generation being in a way far more sophisticated than ED.

*With 400 billion systems and something less than 0.01% explored this might be even dumber and self-deluding than playing the lottery, TBH.