Cryptic partners with Gameheads charity, Star Trek Online buffs up the Year of the Klingon


MMO developer Cryptic Studios announced this week that it’s partnering with Gameheads, an NPO that’s dedicated to helping disadvantaged youth in California’s Bay Area to land education and internships in tech industries.

“Cryptic Studios has always had a dedication to mentoring the future of the video game industry,” said Cryptic CEO Stephen D’Angelo. “With this new relationship with Gameheads, I’m excited to see what these students can learn in a live game studio environment. More importantly, I’m excited to see what they can teach us about the future of gaming.”

Over in Cryptic’s Star Trek Online, the so-called “Year of the Klingon” is due for another update to KDF content. The next patch will add a Warzone story arc, improve Klingon environments, and update female character models.

“The second part of the Year of Klingon focuses on the story arc “Warzone.” This story continues your journey with Alexander, Worf’s son, who is living a new life as K’mtar. The missions in this arc have been streamlined, given all new environments, new cutscenes, and new character art. The Ketha region of Qonos has been given an updated mission flow, to help guide you to your next destination. In addition, Lady Sirella’s model has been completely reworked, and will be voiced by her original actress, Shannon Cochran.”


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I had hoped they would fix the issues with the first half of the Year of the Klingon first (Afterlife for example lol), but fixing things has never been a priority with Cryptic sadly unless they are exploits. :(

Saxon Myers

No info on when that Star Trek update drops?


Yes its weird, the patch that drops today seems exclusively for performance fixes