Elite: Dangerous makes the Horizons expansion part of its base edition in October


The base game of Elite: Dangerous has just gotten a little more interesting for those who didn’t buy in to the Horizons expansion pack. On Tuesday, October 27th, Horizons will be completely free, becoming a part of the base game on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 as well as a part of the base game when it’s purchased after that point.

For those who are unfamiliar, the Horizons expansion introduced the ability to land ships on planetary surfaces and cruise around them in an SRV, craft weapons for ships with Engineers, multi-crew with others thanks to the Holo-Me feature, and added ship-launched fighters to the game. In short, it’s a lot of features that are being added for the base game’s cost.

For those who did buy the expansion before then, there’s an exclusive Azure paint job that will be available for every ship in the game. Just in case there are folks who really want their ships to be painted blue, the Horizons expansion will remain on sale until October 26th.

source: official forums, thanks to Colin and Panagiotis for the tip!

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1) nice of them to do this. Sure there’s some inevitable “I just bought it” carping, but you have to draw the line somewhere.
2) ship skin is pretty, a sort of ghostly teal
3) I’m trying not to allow my self to get hyped about Odyssey but damn that video.

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From the screens I saw of the paint is seems closer to teal dualed with silver-white