Global Chat: Why is LOTRO charging for its fall update?


Roger over at Contains Moderate Peril recently ducked into the upcoming DLC for Lord of the Rings Online to see what it contained and if it was worth the $20 price tag. He reports that it looks pretty standard for an update and considers it a little strange why SSG is charging for it.

“I suspect that the recent downtime and the ongoing performance issues that are still blighting the game have hit SSG hard financially,” Roger speculates. “They are probably obliged to hit specific financial targets set by Daybreak Game Company and have failed to do so in recent months. If that is the case then they’ve probably been ‘instructed’ to raise revenue via alternative means and this hasty repackaging of an update into a ‘mini-expansion’ is their ‘get out of jail’ card. Or at least on paper.”

Jinxed Thoughts: The WoW Classic dungeon experience

“While I do recall having fun with dungeoning back in the day, I struggle to remember why or how that was possible, because most of my memories are of it taking way too long and people both playing and behaving very badly. The playing badly part I don’t mind so much as long as there is a level of effort put in, and I know for a fact I was far from great myself.”

Tales of the Aggronaut: Swords ‘n’ Magic and Stuff

“While combat seems a bit uneven at times, one huge boon is the fact that death seems to largely be meaningless. When you die you go into a spirit world similar to that of World of Warcraft, but where it varies greatly is that a timer starts ticking down. When it completes you will be summoned back to life at the nearest shrine, which in the case of early exploration seems to be right near the docks in town.”

Endgame Variable: The Division 2 again

The Division 2 is my favorite of the ‘looter shooters’ I’ve seen, mainly because the cover shooting mechanics looks and feels more natural than any of the others. Shooting from cover feels a lot more intuitive to me than running and gunning and bunny hopping like a stupid video game character, as you do in, say, Destiny 2.”

Kaylriene: A Wishlist for BlizzConline

“I’m not a huge fan of Second Life or anything, but one thing virtual cons sort of miss is that feeling of being part of something with other people. In my head, it would be awesome if they built a WoW event server with virtual stages that would host panels, or an Overwatch server doing the same – a place you could go in-game, with your character from WoW or favorite character/skin combo from Overwatch, and hang out with other people watching the event.”

Aywren Sojourner: The day of many wins in FFXIV

“I still have plans to work on the casting set for Amon – both for glamour and gear purposes. But I am so, so happy to finally see my luck turn around this week. I was getting pretty discouraged for a while there – even ran this thing 5 times in one week for a single drop a few weeks back. And for me, that’s pretty significant.”

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Bruno Brito

Probably because they blew up whatever was left of the budget to fix the servers. Wanna bet no executive got a cut in their paycheck to help?


I don’t have a problem with LOTRO charging money for it per se. I just think the price point seems really steep based on what they’ve shared about the update and based on the current state of game functioning.

I’d be willing to pay something for it, but not necessarily the $20-$100 price tag.

2Ton Gamer

but people already did pay for this same thing (size of content), they were called quest packs and you either subscribe to get them or buy them with LOTRO Points, two things that are not good enough for this new “mini expansion”. Sorry, but it’s just shit and maybe people would be more willing to give up some money if they were at least honest with their players.


Yeah, not being able to use LOTRO points stinks. :(

2Ton Gamer

I speculated when the news was announced this very same thing because you don’t do something so abrupt which would draw what they surely knew would be a nasty take on this unless you are left with no choice, especially after the terrible press they have received all summer. It’s a shame to burn through all of that goodwill they garnered during the spring with giving away their quest packs in such a manner. So long as Daybreak owns them and all appearances are to that very thing, the game will continue to spiral downward before it could have.


LOTRO: The writing is on the wall. Time to skim as much cash from the faithful as possible. Always liked LOTRO, but the management of the game has gone downhill ever since Turbine folded.

2Ton Gamer

When SSG was formed, some of us thought this could be a good way to do things better and be that shiny little sleeper gem that many know it can be. Unfortunately they got into bed with Morgoth (Daybreak) and have been doing sketchy high-priced expansions ever since and where did that money go? Certainly not back into the systems of the game.

Vincent Clark

Interestingly enough…when SSG broke off from WB someone posted something on the OF about them finally being able to “do things better” and MadeofLions stepped in and said that Turbine never felt financially or creatively hindered by WB. I mean, at that point, they cut ties so he had no reason NOT to be honest.

My point is Turbine is SSG and SSG is Turbine. Regardless of Daybreak, this is about poor choices and bad management. SSG made a choice with Daybreak. They continue to make bad choices today.