Final Fantasy XI prepares for full throttle campaigns in October

Work on a team.

The next version update for Final Fantasy XI will be in October, but at this point no details are known beyond the usual monthly content cycles. Still, while that would be a bit less content than the past few patches, it should be buoyed by the Autumn Full Throttle Campaign just announced, which is all about going as fast as possible. Faster than a Thief using Flee, even. You want more rewards faster from Reives? You got it. Want some bonus rewards from Delve? Have some extra plasm. Doing Walk of Echoes? Bam, they’re all surge walks during the campaign.

The campaign starts on October 11th and ends on October 31st, so players will have plenty of opportunities to get more rewards faster during the duration. And that’s only the beginning of all the improvements to reward distribution, which also covers incursion, geas fete, and even chocobo digging skill. Check out the full rundown and get ready to go at full throttle for the majority of October.


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