Here’s Torchlight III’s headstart pre-launch is going to work in October

How we make the mess.
Hot on the heels of its launch announcement yesterday, Torchlight III’s Echtra Games and PWE posted another state of the game piece meant for existing players and testers. Notably, the studios say, the early access period will come to a close with the launch of the game and the 1.0 release, though early access players will get to see that update a week early – when the very last wipe happens. This means that early access players are essentially getting a week-long headstart before launch.

“The wipe that occurs on October 6th will be the last wipe for Torchlight III. All your progress will be maintained after the update and wipe on October 6th. […] Everything will be completely wiped. Everyone in Early Access will be starting again from scratch on October 6th. Post those sweet fort pictures in our Discord or Twitter and tag us so we can memorialize them properly on our social media pages.”

There will be a stress test on October 6th, with a one-day reward for people who participate, plus the team is promising Australian servers soon. And while it may not appeal to readers of our site who really just wanted the original MMO, Echtra does say that the single-player option will make it into this patch.

“The ‘Singleplayer’ mode found in the main menu will be unlocked for players and is a mode for those who want to play entirely by themselves. It does not require an internet connection to play and if you don’t have an internet connection when it tries to update, you will just continue to play the outdated version. Singleplayer and multiplayer accounts are separate accounts: different characters, currency, level progression, forts, etc. They are totally separate and do not interact with each other in any way. If you delete your single-player progression, you will lose it; we do not store or save your single-player data on our servers. Non-DLC mailbox rewards cannot be obtained in single-player, which means exclusive rewards sent by mail can only be obtained when playing in multiplayer. This does not include mailbox items sent by DLC (like Early Access and Alpha rewards), which are attached to your game/account permanently. And since you are alone on the frontier, when playing in ‘Singleplayer’ mode you will only find your own fort in the campaign passages, as opposed to encountering other random player’s forts.”

Torchlight III launches October 13th on PC and console for $39.99, though it’s still $29.99 on Steam as we type this.

Source: Steam

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James Crow

i really lone the franchise and the third game but i also think its far from been rdy for launch, 3 zones that players can finish fast not going to cut it.

also we are in 2020 and i didnt see cross platform option and i think nowdays cross play is a must in everygame.

Kickstarter Donor

Have they said anything about mod support for offline play? That’d be grand, since we can’t take those characters to multiplayer it would be shitty if we couldn’t.

But October 6, got it. RIP my old marksman I thought wouldn’t be wiped, but I guess it’s a good time to start a dusk mage.