Old School RuneScape breaks down the Trailblazer League in a video and adds the last Poll 72 updates


The time for the upcoming Trailblazer League in Old School RuneScape is almost nigh, so in order to get players prepared for it (and maybe stir the pot of hype a bit), there’s a newly released video that offers up a closer look at what the new League is up to.

The video condenses a number of features unique to the League, including a quick rundown of the League’s mechanics, a closer look at Tier I relics, and a sneak peek at some of the rewards that await those who climb their way to the top. It’s all set to kick off on Wednesday, October 28th.

In the meantime, the most recent update to OSRS has introduced the last of the Poll 72 changes that focus on Teletabs, as well as the very first Poll 73 changes specifically to the Beekeeper menu and some other “annoying menus” in the game. Naturally, future weeks will introduce more Poll 73 updates, so be prepared to see “Poll 73” in a bunch of OSRS headlines for a while.


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