PSA: Lord of the Rings Online has switched its payment processors – RIP Subway gift cards

No we're not kidding. You think we'd joke about something this serious?

Trot along.

You can no longer pay for things in Lord of the Rings Online via Subway gift cards. No, really. This is a thing. Anyone and everyone who had opted to pay for stuff in the game via a gift card intended for delicious sandwiches is someone not to be messed with. Unfortunately, some messing may be necessary anyhow, as this bit of trivia is part and parcel with the game changing its payment processing, which also results in some changes to accepted payment methods.

Amazon Pay and Paysafe will no longer be accepted as payment methods, and players who use PayPal may need to re-enter their payment information following the change. It is hoped that in the future Amazon Pay and Paysafe will be accepted once again, but there appears to be no hope for using Subway cards in the future. You’re just going to need to use that card to buy a sandwich, or possibly a wrap. Are wraps still just sandwiches? Discuss that in the comments.

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