Today’s Crowfall patch adds guild alliances, mounts, and performance boosts


Crowfall’s much-touted guild alliance update has arrived to the beta today, along with the rest of the 6.100 content, which includes the alliance system, mounts, faction banking, crafting improvements, and performance boosts that should increase the total number of players in battle to 175.

“The Alliance system is now live offering a new path to victory for Guilds. Allies will be gained and lost as Guilds can now form strategic alliances in a bid to conquer the world. Alliances are dynamic, enabling guilds to join and leave at any time — and campaign specific, so that your ally in one world might be your enemy in the next. Alliance members are protected from friendly fire, and given access to use city resources without being attacked by city guards. The Alliance system adds a layer of political maneuvering that can tip the scales between victory and defeat.”

The Kickstarted MMORPG hit beta testing last month; MOP’s Fight or Kite PvP columnist Sam Kash poked his nose back in during the beta rollout, finding that it feels significantly more alive than it did during earlier test phases. Currently, beta is restricted to backers and prepurchasers, though ArtCraft has said it will be letting in waves of registered players as testers in the near future.


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Got my beta invite today…not sure if I should even bother.