Ashes of Creation previews mounts and underwater content in latest livestream


Getting around on foot in Ashes of Creation is all well and good, but why bother with that when you’ve got mounts? That was a topic of discussion for a recent developer livestream which focused on mounts in general, underwater mounts in specific, as well as a bit about underwater content among other things.

In the livestream, creative director Steven Sharif offered a brief rundown of the different types of mounts, confirming that flying mounts would be extremely limited — only as many as 10 to 20 on a server, as they’re often for royalty status players or as extremely rare drops from legendary bosses. Land mounts, meanwhile, will be in three different tiers, with each tier having unique abilities and skills and can be bred to have certain stats and skills via animal husbandry.

Finally, there are aquatic mounts, which were then demonstrated in the broadcast with the Tidesnapper. Aquatic mounts will be slow on land and in the shallows, but when fully submerged, they’ll have a significant speed boost. There are plans to have a lot of sea-based content in Ashes, including different classes of ships, raid bosses, treasure seeking, and underwater dungeons, all of which will be far more accessible on the back of an aquatic mount.

During a Q&A session it was also confirmed that there will be underwater combat, while items can be crafted that will boost things like breath and speed, though underwater visibility will remain poor for everyone in the interest of balance. On the subject of obfuscated underwater vision, the demonstration is a first pass of this debuff and promises to soon get better.

Those who missed out can get a look at the complete video, check out the Ashes Post transcript, and watch the aquatic mount segment in 4K resolution in the embed below.


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In this game, Flying Mounts will be more of a “status symbol” thing than anything else (except when doing Castle Sieges of course), flying mounts will have war abilities at that point.

Otherwise, they want the size of the world to matter – which is why they are choosing the limited flying mounts and no fast-travel.

Here’s a video I did about ‘Mounts’ in the game for those interested.


In all honesty and experience, flying mount generally ruin games and the world/social experience. It makes the world irrelevant and social interaction scarse. It’s a pretty much factual given how many times it happened now..

Now flying mount are cool indeed and can allow for new content too but to me, not worth by any means the cost of the above.
No flying mount be better but having 10-20 players max with it, while not gaining crazy advantage from it but more as supplement and rarity is fine to me. People will be motivated for this if they want it and there is different ways to get it which do not involve being part of a massive guild (mayor with the 4 elections type, 3 at least can be done solo or in small group [trade, military, divine], world boss and crafting).

So far they have been clear about not selling mounts (but skins only after you obtained the mount in game), p2w etc. I see no reason for that to change as most western players want that and as long as their business model hold, subscription being the most predictable thus stable financially. All comes down to the population and success of the game too ofc.

Finally, if enough people complain, always the possibility they would crack under the pressure ofc, but Those complains would fundamentally reflect a poor travel system rather than the need for flying. So hopefully they nail that part so that players really enjoy the change of pace of no flying. I guess that part is up to them :)


flying mount generally ruin games and the world/social experience. It makes the world irrelevant and social interaction scarse.

That is a false assumption. I used to play both WoW and FFXIV. Both had flying mounts, with WoW having flight in pretty much every area and FFXIV having flight in many areas outside of instanced capitals. Both had plenty of social interaction, with people doing RP or idling in cities talking to each other or waiting for their queue to pop. And I really enjoyed the convenience of flying mounts when having to visit some area in old zone, such as for doing reputation quests or doing crafting – using land mounts in such cases just adds unnecessary annoyance which I do not want.

Only negative thing flying mounts add is if the game has open world PvP in a way where having flying mounts gives you a great advantage, like in WoW. This could be easily balanced, though, and I’m sure Ashes of Creation developers will make necessary adjustments.


More a personal experience and general player feedback I got while playing than an assumption. I played FFxiv and wow for years and I found in both case flying mount detrimental to the universe created. More so in WoW as the game was not originally made for it.

But your point on convenience and general approach is indeed valid. Matter of opinion as always :).

I join you with PvP advantage and also trust this will be thought through by the devs.

Jeremy Barnes

Personally, I’ll wait until I see actual people playing it rather than devs talking about how awesome it will be before I believe it will release let alone be good.


I really liked looking at the mount demonstration, especially the horse mount animations, they kind of reminded me of LOTRO’s /mountrearup emote. The swimming animations were also good for all mounts. Nice to see how the game is progressing through all those items and mechanics – I still wouldn’t invest any money into it until it will be in a more playable state but I really like what I am seeing in those videos.

Toy Clown

Seeing the development of sea content tugged at my heart strings. This MMO just notched up on my to-watch list from mild interest to piqued interest.

Brian McBride

This is the first game since Champions Online that I am a little tempted to give them money before launch.

I’ve been burned by pre-purchasing anything too many times in MMOs that I just stopped doing that. This is a very interesting MMO though.


The flying mounts leave a sour taste to me, in two different ways:

First of all, the basic idea of limiting them for a just 10-20 people. At best an impossible, frustrating target for most players to aspire to, and a status symbol for few elite players with all the negative stuff that dividing players to two tiers will create. PvP should be greatly affected.

But secondarily because it’s certain that the idea of limiting them to 10-20 people will be eventually broken. It’s certain. If enough vocal people demand it, they will come up with some monetized way they can make them available to the masses.

That is the MMO way. Either as part of a paid expansion, or as, especially if the game’s fortunes go badly, just to be bought outright.

Brian McBride

I hate fast-travel in MMOs. While I really like playing with my friends and can understand why games like WoW have flying paths and super-fast flying mounts along with teleporting to a raid, all of that made the “World” of Warcraft pretty pointless. Well, other than the level race grind.

I do not have time to put into an MMO to become elite. But I honestly don’t mind if a handful of people are the only ones with flying mounts. Super scarce rewards are cool as long as there is a path to obtain them. Even if that means being a king of an area. I mean, at least you know what you need to do. It doesn’t mean you can succeed right? I mean, we all can’t be the CEO of Amazon in real life either.

But, if you are correct and they cave to pressure, then they can ruin their own game. If you average all players, you will find they always want the easy way to win and will complain. I mean, humans – we LOVE to complain. Then we get what we want, the “easy” path and then we find ourselves bored. So yeah, they can’t back down and make their game too much easy-mode or, worse, sell the mounts as a cash grab.

But then, if they follow their restrictions, I guess they could still sell some form of a mount on the store? I’m not against cash stores as long as they have reasonable items – mainly cosmetic. GW2 does a pretty good balance for example. Mount skins.


I honestly do not see an issue with flying mounts being available to limited amount of players as long as they will not give a significant advantage in terms of PvP gameplay and so far I haven’t seen any advantage demonstrated in any videos. Nor do I see an issue with making flying mounts available in an in-game store (as long as they do not give an advantage to things like PvP combat and once again, I do not see any such advantage being demonstrated).


Yeah with the way the Mayor election system works, it’s almost definitely going to favor the no-lifers and streamer/Youtube personalities a majority of the time. Folks who have RL responsibilities likely won’t be able to obtain such positions from the sounds of it.

And at the very best, only 10 people per server will have access to these mounts (at the very worst, if somehow 5 guild leaders who own castles all become mayors, then only 5 players on a server would have access to flying mounts), and these mounts are on 15-30 day timers apparently and only drop from world bosses? So I guess there is a rarity/scarcity to them, and that’s how it’s sort of balanced out or justified.