Classic Guild Wars tightens up security in its latest update

Classic Guild Wars tightens up security in its latest update

Among the many little unique quirks that were seen in the original Guild Wars and pretty much nowhere else was a security question that asked players to enter in the name of one of their characters as proof that this was their account. However, that method of authentication proved detrimental to players returning to the game years later after having forgotten the names of their roster.

This is all in the past, now, as ArenaNet made a small change on September 30th that eliminated this security measure. Rather, now the studio encourages players to participate in two-factor authentication.

So if you haven’t been able to revisit your Guild Wars account because of your faulty memory, perhaps it’s time to come home again?

Source: Patch notes

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I’m glad they lifted the name requirement. Now if they get the word out, they will have a sizable wave of returning players, because Guild Wars is a superior game to the tiresome fare of the last decade. By the way, I could NEVER forget my toons: Nastasya Filippovna, Lucy Elusive or Summer Jones. Too many good times.


That is exactly the reason I never went back into GW1, could not for the life of me remember what any of my character names were. Will have to take a look at the TFA they have implemented. :)

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Oh wow. That’s been such a long-time staple. I’ve been lucky enough to always remember one of my character’s names, but it did always feel a bit nerve wracking thinking I might not.