EVE Echoes shares its first economic report as the mobile title celebrates 2M players


So, just how are things over on the mobile universe of EVE Echoes? By all accounts, booming, at least if reports from the game’s Twitter are any indication.

On the subject of booming in-game business, there’s the game’s first economic report, which shares the expected graphs of data collected from launch until September 29th. According to the data, spodumain as the most popular ore, the MK3 Acolyte is the most manufactured item, and the Condor is the most destroyed ship. Great news for Condor owners.

As for the game’s overall health, that appears to be going well according to another tweet touting over 2 million players in the game. It’s an impressive milestone, especially considering that EVE Echoes launched on August 13th. Just watch out if you’re a Condor owner; they apparently go pop rather frequently.

source: Twitter (1, 2)
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