PlanetSide 2 on PC adds new missions, revamps Esamir, and introduces the first campaign with the Shattered Warpgate update


A self-described “massive, multi-faceted” update for PlanetSide 2 has arrived to the PC version of the multiplayer shooter. Say hello to the Shattered Warpgate update, which is actually a catastrophic event in the game’s fiction even if the update’s name has a sort of bouncy rhyming cadence.

As the update’s name suggests, there was a problem with a Warpgate in the northeastern section of the Esamir continent, which has forever altered the landscape with abandoned bases, a darkened sky, lightning bolts that rain down on the battlefield, and derelict vehicles that can be reclaimed with the right tech. The new Esamir continent also has a revamped Lattice system that keeps bases few and far between, while new and modified bases and a new Warpgate are available for players to use.

The Warpgate’s detonation is also the catalyst for PS2’s first campaign, a multi-staged progression of the in-game story. Each part of the campaign unfolds in chapters, with each chapter having multiple events that are similar to missions that must be completed before it’s completed. There will be rewards for taking part in campaigns and chapters as well as campaign standing to earn for equipment rewards, while those who miss out on campaigns will miss out for good.

Speaking of missions, the update has also introduced a new mission system that offers up daily missions. These missions are provided by specific contractors that each have their own specific set of rewards, while missions themselves come in different rarities that represent difficulty, time investment, and intensity. Naturally, the higher the rarity, the better the reward.

There are other parts of the update as well, such as changes to the terrain of Indar, some tweaks to the Sanctuary social hub, and some adjustments to Implants among a variety of things. All of the information can be read in the complete patch notes.

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