World of Warcraft Moon Guard players finish a massive roleplaying campaign ahead of Shadowlands

Let the dead bury their dead, they will come out in droves.

Perhaps you feel that Blizzard is either taking too long to kick off the events leading into World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. or maybe you wish that everything was a bit more personal. Players on Moon Guard certainly wanted something more engaging and personal, but instead of waiting for it to happen, they just organized a gigantic server-wide campaign using custom RP combat rules for participants. That means a lot of players working together in-game to tell a story leading into the next expansion.

As with many other RP events the organizers used a specific rolling system to handle combat and the like rather than relying on in-game combat (the rules are linked in the thread), with the whole event ultimately bringing players up to the gates of Icecrown Citadel to overlap with the lore. You can check out the gallery to get some sense of what the event looked like on the ground; even if you’re not personally all that invested in roleplaying, it’s a clear sign of what can be done by devoted players with a will to tell stories.

Moon Guard just wrapped up a gigantic D20 server campaign in preparation for Shadowlands! Now is a great time to check out roleplaying before the new expac. 

Source: Reddit

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This sounds great. I wish my rp server would get together like this. Im gonna have to link this around the guilds, see if any other similar ideas pop up.


My main is on Moon Guard and I never heard of this.

Bruno Brito

On paper this sounds awesome, ands RP communities are great…but they are really not for me. I remember the short time i spent on WoW RP servers and they were NOT fun.

Most of the time it was basically /emotechat and people trying to conceive ways of making RP’ing fun because the game itself didn’t support it. Typing RP in WoW’s chat is not my conception of interesting.