Destiny 2 brings back the Festival of the Lost Halloween event on October 6


Care for some Halloween-y treats in your space wizard FPS? They’re coming back once again as Destiny 2 brings back the Festival of the Lost event, running between Tuesday, October 6th, and Tuesday, November 3rd, and available free for all players.

This year’s event is effectively similar to last year’s in that players will have to put on masks and run through the Haunted Forest encounter, clearing as many levels as possible. Before that, players need to talk to the Spider in order to see Cipher Decoders drop from activities, as these Decoders are needed in order to open the five chests waiting at the end of a Haunted Forest run — an increase from the single chest waiting before.

Not only has the number of chests changed but the rewards are different this year as well, with three Triumphs to chase by opening chests that reward a mummy-wrapped Sparrow, Ghost, and ship, while earning the “Wrapped and Ready” Triumph will reward an Exotic Ghost and open the ability to purchase the Restless Shell Ghost pin through Bungie Rewards. Additionally, there’s a new thematic emblem available for free from Bungie Rewards, as well as items waiting in the Eververse store for Bright Dust and Silver. And speaking of Bright Dust, Bounties will return from last year and will offer up Bright Dust rewards.

The weekly Bungie newsletter has more details, while the event landing page has a guide section for anyone new to the event.

source: official site (1, 2)

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This event is both fun and obnoxious.

Huh, basically destiny 2 in a nutshell.