Frozen Flame adds a new skeletal monster, lets players rent servers, and changes no-building areas

Yes, it is a spooky scary skeleton. Shivers not guaranteed.


Frozen Flame has a new skeleton. This isn’t to suggest that the closed beta of the action survival RPG somehow replaced its internal hardware, but it has added a new skeleton for players to attack in the most recent update; specifically, it’s a Nocturnal Skeleton-Guard that spawns at night on the roads outside of the Valley.

There’s more than night owl skeleton monsters in the update, of course: Crafting recipe requirements have been lowered, Sentinels have been adjusted to make them hardier and deal more damage to cursed characters, areas where players can build have been adjusted in order to stop player structures from suppressing certain monster spawns, and a number of changes were made to the map, the UI, and more.

Finally, players can rent their own servers and use a suite of customization tools to create the experience they want, whether it’s a simpler, more narrative-driven focus or a hardcore mode. The post states that this feature should have been live as of yesterday, but a recent tweet states that the ability to rent servers is available starting today.

MMO players will recall that Frozen Flame was crowdfunded on Fig earlier this summer.

sources: Steam, Twitter
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