Elite: Dangerous’ latest community goal has players siding with Eurybia Blue Mafia or the Keltim Empire


Now that Elite: Dangerous has once more brought back community goals, it’s time once again for players to pick sides to unlock rewards and shape the game’s galaxy. Or at least a small pocket of it.

In the goals for October, we find the Keltim Empire attempting to capture an engineer by the name of Liz Ryder, who is suspected of developing the bombs used by the Eurybia Blue Mafia to attack spaceports in concert with a paramilitary organization known as the NLMA. The Empire’s attempts to detain Ryder, however, are being met with resistance from the Blue Mafia, which has categorically denied any association with the NLMA and is calling the Empire’s assault an “invasion.”

This is where players come in. As of yesterday, players can either side up with the Empire or with the Blue Mafia in week-long campaigns to get rewards unique to each faction. If the Blue Mafia is victorious, the top 75% of contributors will get a fully engineered lightweight and high capacity Class 2 Seeker Missile Rack with Thermal Cascade put into storage for them at the Awyra Flirble starport. If the Empire wins, the top 75% of contributors will continue to get the services of the Demolition Unlimited workshop, except it will be under the ownership of the Empire.

The first goal runs between now and October 8th. Specific details and locations are available on the website.

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