Star Trek Online’s upcoming Experimental Upgrades feature will let players enhance their ships


While Tier 5-U and Tier 6 starships in Star Trek Online are effectively the top shelf of space boat in the game, there will soon be a new system that will let players upgrade those ships to even bigger levels of power.

The Experimental Upgrades feature will let players add an additional Device slot, Universal Console slot, and Starship Trait slot, though the last one is only active on ships that have had an Experimental Prototype Upgrade applied. In addition, the ship’s class will get an “-X” appendix for a little extra visual flair. What’s more, the upgrade is account-wide, making the ship class free to upgrade for other characters on the account.

Getting an Experimental Upgrade is a matter of earning Experimental Starship Upgrade Tokens, which can either be gained through the Zen Store via individual purchase or packs of three at 1,000 Zen and 2,000 Zen respectively, or from the Phoenix Reclamation Store at the Ultra Rare tier during special events, the first of which will run through October 12th. Starship Upgrade Tokens can even be traded between players or sold on the Exchange, and more methods of earning these tokens via gameplay are planned, including as part of events, giveaways, bundles, special promotions and more. And speaking of special promotions, PC players will be able to claim one Upgrade Token for their account for free between October 6th and November 5th.

The new upgrade system is arriving to PC players on Tuesday, October 6th, and to console players shortly after as part of STO’s next story content update. More information and a brief FAQ can be found on the website.

source: official site, thanks Panagiotis for the tip!


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