EVE Online tests feature to deprioritize 3-D visuals for ‘extreme situations’

Literally spreadsheets in space mode


The oft-repeated lancing of EVE Online as “spreadsheets in space” (which is really more like “too many UI elements in space” in my personal opinion) is soon to get just that little bit more literal. A new feature on the game’s test server has added an option that shuts off the 3-D visuals, leaving only the game’s UI elements on screen.

The intention of this new feature is to reduce the graphical load during EVE’s larger battles, which should make the game a bit less messy to play during such events, especially with the current conflicts raging in the game. “Obviously this option is meant for only the most extreme situations, but as we all know, EVE is all about extreme situations and with war raging, every frame counts,” said EVE brand director CCP Goodfella. “We look forward to being surprised by the creative ways in which this feature is embraced by our community!”

MMO blogger Wilhelm at The Ancient Gaming Noob has a detailed writeup of the changes, including the before-and-after shots.

Meanwhile, those who are looking to get caught up on other goings-on in New Eden have another episode of EVE Pulse to do so; we’ve got that embedded below.

sources: Kotaku, YouTube. Cheers, Wilhelm!

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You are in space. It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.


The EVE UI is antiquated and frankly an eyesore.
It’s literally 20 year old tech. Certainly there are cases where text display of information is the best way to do it, but in 2 decades of UI optimization, I’m pretty sure we’ve learned some things (as well as have the graphic horsepower to display) about interfaces and efficient design, especially in prioritization and the graphical display of quantitative information to deliver info without necessarily adding to the UI or task-burden of the consumer.

First step would be to open up the API and let some of their own creative players write addons. I guarantee that within 3 months you’d have a UI that delivers as much or more information far more efficiently/effectively.

Nosy Gamer

That’s not going to happen. There was so much hacking of the client in the early days, it was sad. People who used to play WoW 12-13 years ago might recognize the guy in this video.


Sorry, I should have pre-empted your point because something about the subject seems to bring out the legions of people who assert (either naively, or out of some weird disingenuity) that UI modding = hacking.

There are orders of magnitude difference. The idea that unlocking the ability of players client side can change the size of their icons or font is somehow going to inevitably lead to hacking the game client is not even remotely reasonable


Coming soon from CCP:

EvE online 2D scroller game.