One Shots: Watch where you’re waving that thing!


Several Christmases ago, my mother actually bought me a giant pirate sword that was very metal and very, very sharp. I instantly became terrified of it and never took it out of its scabbard, having no idea what I’d ever use it for.

Vincent? Vincent went another way with his giant sword in FFXIV because he’s all about waving it in everyone’s face as though they were sword inspectors.

“Whether it be storming castles, beating back the void, finding serenity in the least likely places, exploring the wild, or (ahem) relaxing in a hot tub, the life of an adventurer is a wild ride,” Vincent said.

Hikari’s been having a blast in Conan Exiles recently, especially with the game’s first expansion pack. For a barbaric setting, Hikari’s house looks downright cozy with a lot of ventilation and style.

Over in Blade and Soul, Utakata is slipping the surly bonds of gravity and soaring into the sky. My only question is whether or not fantasy figures like this have to apply and test for a license to fly, because it does seem like something that should be regulated.

“Brewfest is here and with it the start of my favorite time in World of Warcraft,” Minimalistway said. “The music alone make me happy no matter how many time I listen to it. The festival provides the socializing I like most in games: People having fun being silly.”

Mysecredid has a tip for you: “For a while now in No Man’s Sky, if you feed treats to friendly animals on alien worlds, there’s a chance they will like you well enough for a while to let you ride them as mounts!”

That’s it for this week, but the fun continues in the comments! Share some of your best or most notable screenshots from your MMO gaming, along with a story or description.

Every week, One Shots shines a spotlight on the best community screenshots from your MMO adventures. If you have a great pic to share, email it to with the subject “One Shots.” Make sure that the picture is over 880px wide and comes with a description or story!

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So I’m just going to take my guardian over to the traveler’s shard and uh… oh wait, this is FFXIV. Like I said in WRUP, I unlocked Eorzia flying and started noticing stuff I’d never seen before from the air while doing the 2.1 quests, like this weird debris in North Shroud. I don’t know what it was beforehand, a piece of the Agrias, it doesn’t have that weird organic look? And it doesn’t look like a Dalamud keystone? Who knows.

The second one I got while out doing the Crystal Tower quests. Who knew the entire shell of Dalamud was just sitting there north of Mor Dhona? I didn’t. I did catch a neat lightning flash accidentally though, so there’s that.

When I actually thought about it and tried to take some other screenshots everywhere I went was in the middle of a sand/snow/thunder storm or fog and I’m already playing on a system that has terrible view distance, so I gave up for now. Yay for dynamic weather!


ARR does have a raid series, the Binding Coil of Bahamut. That’s what all those pieces of Dalamud are. However, they’re Savage difficulty only. If you want to do them, use Party Finder to get an unsynched group together. First time poetics bonus still applies so you might find some willing.

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Oh yeah. That makes sense. I knew of the Coils, but didn’t actually know where they were or what the “plot” was.


Seen in Mor Dhona.

Vincent Clark

@Justin, thanks for the feature!

What a crazy week, eh? In-game it was the normal tomestone grind until patch 5.35 hits in a week or so. Nothing of note really…except for that one time I wandered into the desert for no apparent reason and woke up the next morning feeling a bit…different. :)

Cute AF.jpg

The life of a Fantasia addict. Wake up in the morning, check gender.


Isekai’s usually starts with someone getting ran over by something and/or falling down some dimensional hole. The latter being far less painful… o.O


I can imagine a FF14 version of Log Horizon.

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Thanks for the feature, Justin! :-)

Hey all,

It occurred to me recently that possibly the bravest (or craziest?) superhero on the roster of Marvel’s Avengers movie team is none other than … Hawkeye.

Think about it. In the Marvel movies, The Avengers fight renegade godlings (Loki) and battle space-alien madmen who can erase reality with a snap of their fingers.

The Avengers line-up features a thunder god; a patriotic super-soldier; a hulking monster who epitomizes raw destructive power; the world’s greatest living sorcerer; a Russian black ops specialist without equal, and … and … and … Hawkeye.

Hawkeye … a guy who shoots a bow and arrow

… sometimes the arrows have trick arrowheads that explode and stuff …

Either Clint Barton’s Hawkeye is categorically insane, or he’s the bravest frickin’ superhero who ever existed.

To test my theory I put my Hawkeye homage through his paces over in Champions Online.

Yes, the archer archetype (archer-type?) has to be played more carefully than other heroes in the game, especially at lower levels.

They’re “squishier” than other supers if they get swarmed, so you have to pay more attention during battles so that you don’t get caught out.

Even after leveling a bit, and having a wider array of special arrow attacks to choose from, you still have to stay sharp.

Basically, you have to be really brave …

… just like Hawkeye :-)


Hikari Kenzaki

Well, if I get more time to play something other than Conan Exiles or LoM this month, I’ll post something from that.

Until then, please enjoy these pictures of the most dangerous creature in Siptah. And a camel. And some other stuff.


High “noon”…