Fall Guys season two brings medieval fantasy-themed costumes and rounds on October 8


The phenomenon battle royale title Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is about to get medieval on its players. While that certainly can be taken literally considering the hard-hitting slapstick nature of the title, that also means thematically when season two arrives on Thursday, October 8th.

This upcoming new season will introduce a bundle of cosmetics styled after medieval fantasy, with witch, wizard, dragon, and knight outfits galore. There will also be similarly themed new rounds added to the game, including a new map for the Hoopsie Daisy match type and an entirely new map where players must drag blocks into position to scale colorful castle walls.

Since season one is about to come to a close, that means it’s time for a little extra incentive to get those final few matches in as the title will be offering double the Fame points starting on Monday, October 5th until the launch of season 2. A preview video of the madness to come was posted in August, which we’ve got after the cut.

source: Twitter

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Think about this…. this game has seasons. Freaking seasons! Are you kidding me?

It’s fun game. I won’t deny that, but for the love of Yoda, the game has the depth of skillet.

Among Us at least has you killing brain cells trying to figure the impostors, but Fall Guys?

I’m not trying to be an elitist jerk, but the fact that this game because so huge in such a short span and was the Twitch darling is no coincidence. Streamers are selling out and a huge contingent of gamers are tuning in.


Isn’t the point of seasons to paper over the lack of depth?

I had heard they’re changing up the levels or adding new ones to freshen things up though. And the game is clearly tapping into the old Wii style of pick up and play/just have fun game design.


Honestly I think seasons work pretty well for this game.