Prep for WoW: Shadowlands with this story catch-up video

This went over great.

It’s certainly no secret that World of Warcraft’s storyline has been a hot, confusing mess of azerite, burning elf trees, and slumbering old gods over the past few years. So whether you’re coming back to the game for Shadowlands after a long absence or simply got lost in the lore weeds somewhere in Battle for Azeroth, we have a lifeline for you.

YouTuber Platinum WoW created a 20-minute video to bring everyone up to speed on the backstory of the game that’s going to be especially pertinent for Shadowlands. It’s one of those videos that’s not only informative (hey, I learned a few new things!) but is hilariously edited as well with more than a few jokes at Blizzard’s expense.

Carve out 20 minutes sometime and give it a watch — you won’t be disappointed:

Source: YouTube

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Very helpful, thanks!

There are some youtube channels with really good lore videos but holy crap do they love to go into detail and they end up being more of a time commitment than I feel like putting into it.

Will definitely give this one a shot.


Warcraft lore is approaching Kingdom Hearts level of convoluted.

Oleg Chebeneev

Reminded me of this:

Bryan Cole

Thanks for this. I’ve been trying to read the new book Shadows Rising to catch up but it doesn’t really ease you in very well and it seems I’ve missed a lot by not being an elite raider this game seems to be talking to anymore, so this helps a ton. And yes, that was a snide remark about how raiders and twitch streamers are killing ma MMORPGs! roar!!! lol, I’m not angry, really I’m not.


Well… You do know that you can solo all the pre BFA raids, right? I just soloed Tomb of Sargeras this weekend for trasmogs, and my gear isn’t anything more than what you can get doing world quests. For current raids you get all the same story cut scenes in LFR as you do any other difficulty as far as I know. You don’t really need to be hardcore or even in a guild if you just want the full narrative.