RuneScape begins mental health charity drive, plans Orthen digsite launch for October 19


October’s destined to be a solid month for RuneScape fans, thanks to the release of a new archaeology digsite rolling out on October 19th. It’s called Orthen, and players are encouraged to complete the Desperate Measures questline and secure level 90 archaeology before attempting the new content.

“Orthen, our mysterious sixth dig site, was once the stronghold of the dragonkin on Gielinor. From your adventures in the Elder God storyline, you already know that the island of Anachronia has hundreds of secrets hiding below its surface. Now it’s time to bring those secrets into the open – and we know just the archaeologists to do it! Unlike other dig sites, Orthen is divided into several smaller locations scattered around the island of Anachronia – and don’t worry if you haven’t kept up on your Agility regime, because there’ll be a new, quicker way to zip about the island. The first location you’ll visit is The Crypt of Varanus, a spooky little hole-in-the-wall with a tragic story. Throughout the dig site you’ll find 10 new excavation spots of varying levels, 22 new artefacts, and 5 new materials. Orthen is also full of mysteries to resolve – eight mysteries, to be exact! We can’t go into detail because, you know, ‘mysteries’, but we can tell you that solving them will fill in some of the bigger gaps in your knowledge of the dragonkin.”

In other RuneScape news, October 10th is World Mental Health Day, and Jagex is once again partnering with its three favorite mental health organizations in an in-game event that brings players awareness of mental health issues, the opportunity to support great causes, and some in-game goodies as well.

The Gielinorian Giving event once more brings to Lumbridge representatives from Rise Above the Disorder, CPSL Mind, and the Prince’s Trust charities who will explain what each org does and offer trivia questions for players to answer. Correct answers reward Lamps and Traveling Artisan Patches, the latter of which can be traded to Ulric the Traveling Artisan to help fill out blueprints for various rewards like the Guardian of Fortitude armor; materials can be traded in to fulfill these blueprint needs as well. Of course, the event is also about fundraising for Jagex’s charity partners, so players are encouraged to donate what they can, if they can, to help out three very worthy causes. The event runs from now until October 18th.

Finally, this week’s patch includes some fixes to sounds and typographical errors as well as improvements to ladders, which apparently needed improving — players were going up ladders sideways in one area. That’s not how ladders operate.


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