Secret World player publishes fifth ‘unofficial’ novel


For Secret World Legends fans, one truth is pretty evident: They’re not getting any new stories in the game — at least, any time soon. So for more of the spooky, conspiracy-laden tales that they crave, they might have to go outside of Funcom’s provision to the community itself.

We’ve been following one SWL player, Amber “Blodwedd Mallory” McKee, who has been making a name for herself by publishing unofficial novels set in the Secret World universe. If you’ve read the first four books in her series, the good news is that a fifth one, called Hard Cleft, is coming at the end of the month.

Here’s the back-of-the-book summary: “Having confronted the cosmic evil and discovered the cause of the zombie outbreak in Kingsmouth, Wedd is ready to get back on the trail of the glowing sword recovered by the Lady Margaret, which has since disappeared. But, with her mother still missing, the Filth infection spreading, and tensions between the factions at an all-time high, she may be facing more bad news than she can bear.”

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So, 5 bucks to pre order…I’m going to assume at some point Funcom gave them permission to make money off of fanfiction from their IP?

If so, well…hell, good on whoever this is for doing something with the stories from this IP. Pretty clear FC never will again.


I’m hoping that now that they’re owned by a big company with lots of money, that they’ll get the real cash infusion they need to reinvigorate the game. In my dreams what happens is they go back to TSW and fix/update that, but realistically the most we can realistically hope for is new content for SWL.

And it could happen. Honestly it’s an IP and game with so much potential they’d be stupid not to. I do think, though that the F2P systems and combat and camera of SWL are pretty bad, so I preferred TSW’s systems for those. Would be nice to see updates, there.