Shroud of the Avatar will introduce expanded teleporter functionality in Release 83


Release 83 for Shroud of the Avatar is going to make fast travel significantly more convenient for those players who own certain teleporters in their player-owned towns. In the latest Avatar update post, fans get a look at expanded features for the teleporters to Ardoris, Central Brittany, and Owl’s Head.

All three of these location-specific teleporters will now let governers and stewards determine which town they point to, which will also include all NPC towns, player-run towns, and player-owned towns as destination options. The cost of these buildings will also be reduced, and their names will be changed to reflect their expanded feature set. Speaking of teleporter item names, the variety of fast travel items like wagons, balloons, and boats that link player-owned towns to one another will have their names changed as well.

All of these fast travel quality-of-life updates are due to arrive in the next Release along with a promise of other QoL updates. There’s still no launch date for R83, but it’s coming soon™.

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