Shroud of the Avatar will introduce expanded teleporter functionality in Release 83


Release 83 for Shroud of the Avatar is going to make fast travel significantly more convenient for those players who own certain teleporters in their player-owned towns. In the latest Avatar update post, fans get a look at expanded features for the teleporters to Ardoris, Central Brittany, and Owl’s Head.

All three of these location-specific teleporters will now let governers and stewards determine which town they point to, which will also include all NPC towns, player-run towns, and player-owned towns as destination options. The cost of these buildings will also be reduced, and their names will be changed to reflect their expanded feature set. Speaking of teleporter item names, the variety of fast travel items like wagons, balloons, and boats that link player-owned towns to one another will have their names changed as well.

All of these fast travel quality-of-life updates are due to arrive in the next Release along with a promise of other QoL updates. There’s still no launch date for R83, but it’s coming soon™.


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Bring on the dungeon to dungeon portals please!


its odd to me that they put a lot of work into the overworld maps, but are constantly creating shortcuts so that people would never see it

the game is very confused


Not sure what you mean by shortcuts? you mean the teleport scrolls? and recall scrolls? That was one thing I didnt like that they added as it promotes people to not travel on the world map as much that is for sure. I can tell you I always use scrolls most the time as its quicker but there is a cost of the scroll so its an on going cost.


Just another Cash Shop item. Cha Ching!


I heard that on Fridays, all teleporters will send players directly to the naked dance parties.


They should teleport all of the money they scammed for this game back into the backers’ wallets.


I’m a backers and they didnt scam me. I got everything they said they would give. I think the backers who think they got scammed just had a different perception of what they thought the game was going to be. That is not the fault of the company but rather those that jump to conclusions. There are many backers though that were mad that the game release too early with too many bugs. the persistence during beta was another issues as many were not aware that the game was live before release and thought there was going to be a reset.


I got everything they said they would give.

Did we get the Duke head they were promised? Did we get our signed book? Did we get our investment by purchasing POTs as they were promised to have and keep value and be limited supply? Did our rare & exclusive & limited items we purchased stay that way? Did Lord British stay involved in the making of Ep1-5?

Are our Seedinvest shares worth anything now that Portalarium is gone and not operating any longer?

Perhaps you were only a backer whos only investment was $20 for the game. If that was the case, yes you got everything that was promised to you.

The rest of us are still waiting for what we are promised!


-Duke head was changed to a bunch of other ingame items. so no.
-Signed book, yeah we are still waiting. hope one day.
-Yes we got our investment by purchasing POTs. mine at least has earned more way more than what it cost me. Also it was limited for ep1. ep2 opened up new pots and allowed people from ep1 to transfer those that transferred opened up new options for the old map.
-Yes LordBritish is still involved in the game story, as well shows up on the developer streams ever so often.

Seed investment no clue what happened to them after catnip took over. only those that contacted support on their holdings know.

I invested a lot and got everything I was promised. So perhaps its only the few that dont feel they got their worth.


only those that contacted support on their holdings know. Nope. I contacted them several times and still no word.

More than just a few didn’t get what they invested. Look at how many people backed the game compared to how many people are playing the game today. Any logical person would say that it is a failure.

It’s so BAD that Lord British had to sell the game to the only person who would buy it. No game company offered him any money, and why would they? He “sold” it to the only person who would buy it.

SAD state the game is in, but hey you feel like you got everything you were promised so that’s 1 good sign!


But when will the maps work?


Maps the last two releases have been getting fixed :) there was also another patch two days ago with another 10 added. I suspect Sannio (dev) will have a bunch more this release in 3 weeks. I look forward to the them.


That is remarkable. I haven’t seen mention of them in the newsletters and updates. The one linked to in this article didn’t seem to have any mention of it, and I made particular effort to look between the COTO shop additions.

I did a search on “map” and could only find anything in the $6,999 Lord of the Isle Episode 2 Bundles. Is there some esoteric word used instead?

I could also be mistaken that fixing a major item that has been broken for quite some time would be quite a newsworthy thing. Wouldn’t want anyone to miss out testing a core feature, right?


I think that the last few articles posted for SOTA has only been about the deco surfaces and the above. however on the actual site looking at the release notes there is way more than what this shows.
Mini-map creation in Shroud of the Avatar has resumed! The development team is hard at work adding additional maps so that players can find their way in the enormous world of New Brittania. As adventurers explore, they’ll encounter these additional maps added for Release 82:

City of Yew
East Perennial Trail
East Veiled Swamp
Eastreach Gap
North Brightbone Woods
Restless Forest
South Brightbone Woods
South Celestial Wetlands
West Veiled Swamp
Whiteguard Foothills
More maps will be added with every monthly release, so gear up and get out there, explorers!

also on twitter recently oct 6th more maps they did not say which ones were added but I found this:

More in game minimaps
Plains of Righ Inis
Moors of Northshore
North Valeway
South Ravenswood
North Ravenswood
West Ravenswood
South Valeway
Greymark Forest
Wynton’s Folly
Alpine Road Encounter
Human Battle Camp
Graff Gem Mines Entrance
Owl’s Nest Entrance
Approach to Shuttered Eye