Lord of the Rings Online tests missions, pushes back Halloween


It’s shaping up to be a busy month over in Lord of the Rings Online, as yet another preview build of Update 28 went out on the test server. Among other new features, players can try out the new mission system, which offers “short, solo, or duo scaleable instances” that will be available to players in most of the game’s level range.

Usually by this time in October, players are already enjoying the many festivities of Harvestmath. However, Standing Stone Games said that it had to push back the start of its Halloween celebration to October 27th, as this year it “is all about fitting the work into a busy schedule.”

However, there will be a VIP boost event that will run this weekend from October 8th through the 12th. The studio also said that it’s preparing a PvP balance patch to go out sometime after Update 28.

Source: LOTRO, #2

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LOTRO Staff Meeting:

“OMG! Halloween is on October 31st this year!”

“What? How did we miss that? Did it change?”

“Well, amidst all the work to get out the new, paid mini-expansion, we just did not have time to turn it back on.”

“What will the investors say!?!?”

“Probably not much when they see the extra cash from selling subscribers stuff we promised them would be free!”

2Ton Gamer

Curious to see if the server’s having issues during festivals was a coincidence or not. This delay makes one wonder if that’s a legit concern. Guess we’ll see how they hold up on the 27th.. As a side note, the Harvestmath festival was always one of my favs after the inclusion of the haunted burrow. Hope for those still playing that it all works out.