OrbusVR’s most recent patch adds a new island, treasure maps, bracers, and long-term missions


It was certainly an inevitable conclusion, but the playerbase of OrbusVR has successfully completed the required tasks for the Explore the Realm community event, successfully unlocking a new island that was added in last week’s update among other features.

This new Forsaken Isle is meant to be an endgame location for groups of three to 10 players. Enemies range from lone trash to packs of aberrations empowered by elite enemies, with levels ranging from 33 on the “easy” end up to the island “boss” at 37. Getting to the Forsaken Isle is a matter of paying a transport NPC 500 dram, but players should be warned that heading to this island is a one-way trip, so they should have a home teleportation device in their inventory or a runemage in their group if they want to leave.

So why would anyone want to take a one-way journey into a dangerous island? For rewards, of course, including a unique cape, a bone spur fishing rod, and level three bracer items that were previewed in August among other rewards.

In addition to this new island, this recent update brings a new NPC that hands out long-term missions; treasure maps that can drop from overworld enemies that lead to unique new armor pieces, potions, dram, or level two bracers; and some new overleveling perks. More information can be found in the most recent update post.

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