PUBG brings back actor Jonathan Frakes for another lore video about the city of Paramo


Yep, we’re doing this again, talking about lore tidbits associated with the decidedly plotless battle royale shooter PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. But once again, we’ve got Star Trek actor and Beyond Belief host Jonathan Frakes to entice us along with that Unsolved Mysteries-style theme song in the background for that extra nostalgic hit.

The video once more bills itself as a found introduction for the fictional program Mysteries Unknown, with this episode focusing on a city in the Andes mountains of Peru known as Paramo, which is said to have been home to a people who never grew old. It also points to one Dr. Burton Northrup, a “disgraced archaeologist and known occultist” who went searching for the lost city.

While this video tries its very hardest to assign story beats to PUBG of all things, it also joins a series of hints at a new map of the same name, which include some PR “crates” that were sent out containing pieces of a stone tablet and inviting those who received the item to “unlock the curious backstory of our new map for season 9.” And for those who actually yearn for lore related to the shooter, there’s a soon-to-launch dedicated website that will be home to all of the story details players could possibly want. Hey, if League of Legends can try to tell stories, who’s to say PUBG can’t?

sources: press release, PCGamesN

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