Epic Games versus Apple case will go to judge-led bench trial in May 2021

Evil vs. Evil

A trial date has been confirmed by the northern California district court hearing the case between Epic Games and Apple. The litigation will move to a bench trial on Monday, May 3rd, 2021, officially confirming that both parties’ desire for the case to be heard by a judge and not a jury has been granted.

The May 2021 date is earlier than the previously proposed July 2021 window by Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers in order to accommodate the Court’s anticipated summer 2021 jury trial schedule as a result of the pandemic. There are a number of pre-trial arrangements and deadlines that run through February and April, but the real meat of the event will happen sooner than expected. The official filing can be downloaded here.


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But what about all the great jurors and all their sweet sympathy Epic was going to get.