Final Fantasy XIV previews the Bozjan Southern Front and further Dragonsung Tool upgrades


Players in Final Fantasy XIV will get an upgrade next week for whatever they’re wielding in their main hands. No, really; when patch 5.35 arrives, both the next step of upgrades for the Blades of Gunnhildr and the next upgrade to Dragonsung Tools will be added in. The official site has just added a preview of this new content, and oh no Rowena is involved in the tool upgrades, everyone run away, we are all in for misery.

We know very well what happens when Rowena gets involved with a crafter. Just ask Gerolt.

All lore-based jokes aside, the new information is fairly slight, but it does give us a clearer picture of the upcoming Operation Eagle’s Nest to retake the Bozjan Southern Front as well as the ongoing restoration process for the Dragonsung Tools. Check the previews out on the patch site and get ready to start in on the upgrades on October 13th.


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Switchie Console-tan

Not interested in resubbing til I see they didn’t fuck over monk rework.. Again!

Vincent Clark

I love how they just casually dropped this little gem at the bottom of the update site with no explanation: