MMO Business Roundup: Steam Game Festival, My.Games, Taipei Gameshow, Niantic, and RazerCon


Welcome back to another roundup of MMO and gaming industry news relevant to the MMO-playing audience.

Steam Game Festival: Yes, another online event! The “autumn edition” of Steam’s Game Festival kicked off this week, with streams and free games and sales. Most notably for MMO players, Wild Terra 2 is offering a free-play event ahead of its early access launch later this year.

My.Games: Russia’s is making some big moves, as today it has bought up 51.1% of Deus Craft, giving it a controlling stake in the mobile company known best for the wildly popular Grand Hotel Mania. My.Games, of course, is better known around these parts for its stewardship over several MMOs, including Allods Online and Skyforge.

TPS 2021: The Taipei Gameshow announced this week that it’ll run its 2021 as a hybrid experience, with both physical and online events. TPS 2021 runs January 28th through 31st in Taipei City, Taiwan; it’s expecting 350,000 visitors, though we presume most of those will be online because of, y’know, that whole pandemic thing.

Pokemon Go: Niantic has turned five years old this week. An address from the studio’s John Hanke says the company now boasts 630 employees and has begun the Niantic Local Business Recovery Initiative, which will ensure that a thousand “small and local” businesses (out of 38,000 nominated) around the world are featured as PokeStops and Gyms inside the game and permitted to “run promotion campaigns that reach players nearby.”

RazerCon: Finally, don’t forget about this weekend’s RazerCon events; the keynote begins at noon EDT on Saturday, October 10th, and will be watchable on multiple platforms.


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Rodrigo Dias Costa

As with the previous iterations, there are some new demo offerings on this festival I’m interested on trying out. These festivals are proving to be a good way to trim my Steam wishlist from games I like the idea but I won’t actually enjoy the execution, without needing to spend to find out.


Steam Game Festival: Not to impressed with this. 99.9% of the games that have demo availability are the same kind of game that make up 99.9% of Steam offerings, I think.

Pretty much stuff I would not pay even a $1 to get, nor expend the bandwidth to download a demo or full keeper (even if it was totally free).

The kind of games I would be interested in trying are either not represented, or have already released a demo (for example – Everspace 2).

Oh well. YMMV.