Bless Unleashed has begun head start access on PS4 ahead of its October 22 release


We already knew that Bless Unleashed was making its way to PS4 players on October 22nd, but those who bought in to the Ultimate Founder’s Pack are getting a head start, allowing those players in as of yesterday a full two weeks ahead of everyone else, while those who purchased the Exalted pack get in on October 12th and those who bought the Deluxe pack get in on October 15th.

The head start release has also brought with it an update for both PS4 and Xbox versions of the game, adding a new level 30 arena challenge known as the Stormbringer and the Abyssal difficulty of the Dreamscale Ruins: Halls of the Eclipse dungeon. There’s also a new Guild Trials system and a variety of other adjustments, all of which are outlined in the patch notes.

source: press release

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Roger Melly

From what I have seen and read online Bless Unleashed is far better than the PC version of the game but then again that isn’t difficult.

Might give it a try when its out.


It could be the next coming of Jesus, but the fact that my purchase of the original game is at this point equal to throwing money into the gutter, i am bitter enough never to try this iteration of the game.


Nothing says quality game like a bunch of staggered release dates.