EVE Echoes provides an overview of how the in-game economy operates


Money makes the world go round, or at least in the case of EVE Echoes, it’s ISK. The grinding gears of the ISK economy were the subject of a video from one of game’s designers, who elaborated on the various ways players can earn that sweet digital dosh.

The primary source for making and spending ISK is the Market, which players can access from a UI element no matter where they are. This works like every other auction house you’ve ever experienced in an MMO, only players have to manually pick up a purchased item from the relevant location. There will be delivery options added to EVE Echoes in the future. There are also 29 Trade Centers located around the galaxy that players can purchase items from and have delivered to any other Trade Center in the universe. Players will still have to pick up their items themselves at said Trade Center, of course.

Much of these systems are not exactly going to blow the minds of EVE Online regulars, but for anyone who’s getting their feet wet in the spaceship sandbox via the mobile game, this video will likely be of great use.


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