Final Fantasy XIV has cancelled its European fan festival for February 2021

henlo lizert

This is probably not a surprise given what happened before, but Final Fantasy XIV fans will not be gathering in Europe for a convention. The European fan festival has officially been cancelled as of today due to the global pandemic, which follows on the heels of both the North American and Japanese fan festivals being cancelled for November and December respectively. Producer and director Naoki Yoshida announced this at the tail end of the most recent live letter from the producer.

As this means all three of the planned festivals have now been cancelled, there are plans for some form of digital event, with players asked to please stand by for further information. It’s unclear when such an event would take place or how long the planning for such has been ongoing, considering that the prior cancellations happened quite some time ago. Keep your eyes peeled for more information about… well, more information, since fan festivals usually serve to announce the next expansion.


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Danny Smith

I was planning to meet up with some friends there so it sucks but i can’t blame them. God knows i’d rather not see another coof’ con situation with a bunch of people getting sick so maybe next year after all the anti maskers died off or got their herd immunity.

Vincent Clark

They mentioned an online event in February (14+hours) which will more than likely be the official announcement of the next expansion. As we would have had already three Fan Fests by then (thanks, COVID!) my guess is that we will get a full trailer and at least one new job reveal.

It was also mentioned, another online event maybe for May. Fingers crossed.