Temtem introduces two new player-created monsters and their unique locations


Let’s cast our minds back to June 2018, when Temtem was first entering the crowdfunding scene and was already lighting Kickstarter on fire. Among the tiers of pledges was the Breeder pledge, a $6K level limited to only four backers that let those backers create their own critters for the game. As of update 0.6.9, two more of those player-made monsters were created, along with their unique routes.

The first is called Platypet, an adorable toxic/water type Tem that fans will likely recall as an artist’s imagining from 2018 that the Breeder’s son fell in love with. Developer Crema Games reached an agreement with the original artist to secure the design rights and added it into the game, along with a Barafu Glacier location for its route that was developed in concert with the Breeder. And in a nice touch, the Breeder’s son, Peyton, was made an NPC at the end of the route, accompanied by a shiny version of Platypet.

The next is called Momo, a creature that spawned from its Breeder’s love of Siberian huskies and named after the shiba inu owned by Crema Games’ co-founder Guillermo Andrades. The Tem’s route, the Kilima Range, is a snow-covered and lore-filled location in the highest peaks of Kisiwa. These two Tems join the Zephyruff player creation, meaning there’s one more player-made monster to come.

Temtem has been kicking out steady updates over the course of the year, including the aforementioned Kisiwa island in July and player housing and the Kilima Peaks in September. As for the most recent update, it’s mostly about adding more translations to areas and taking down bugs.


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