World of Warcraft’s free-to-level-20 edition is about to get a ton more content

Sometimes it just makes sense.

With next week’s World of Warcraft: Shadowlands pre-patch, the overall value of the game is about to take a jump up. As we noted yesterday, Blizzard running a sale on certain character services right now and rolling Battle for Azeroth into the base subscription (meaning that you don’t have to buy it if you have already).

But there’s more good news: If you haven’t paid for the game at all, the whole game will be level squishing itself down and the free starter edition accounts can still level up to 20. This means that those accounts will get access to more content and character progression than before, as this would be roughly equal to level 45 right now.

Speaking of the pre-patch, fan site Icy Veins did some fun nerdy analysis of the recent patch notes to see which class is getting the most attention in terms of patch word count. According to this piece, Shadow Priests, Enhancement Shamans, Balance Druids, and Unholy Death Knights are due to receive the most attention, with Frost Mages and Survival Hunters at the bottom of the chart.

Source: Icy Veins, #2

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