WRUP: Some new wrestlers, some better wrestlers

This one is for my wife folks

John Cee-Clamp-A: He’s exactly like John Cena, but he has lobster arms instead of people arms. Signature hold is the “Clamp You With The Claws, Bucky Boy.” Signature drink is a Coke with a splash of hot sauce.

Koshiko: She is a normal Japanese salarywoman carrying a handgun. Signature hold is the “Don’t Move, I Have A Handgun.” It’s just a kayfabe shooting using real bullets. Signature drink is something from Osaka. Signature bird is the Japanese Pheasant.

Gas Station McCree: During one lonely night working at a gas station, McCree was struck by lightning at the same time he got attacked by a chupacabre, a werewolf, and Calista Flockhart. He thus became infused with the spirit of a dragon and he still has to work at the crummy gas station. Signature hold is the “Freedom Bird.” Signature bird is the titmouse. Hehe. Titmouse. It’s a funny name.

Liu Gohxiau: An absolutely normal panda bear. With a handgun. It’s taped to the bear’s back. Try to get the gun from the bear. Signature bird is the owl.

Signature Bird: You’re gonna sign that bird (yeah yeah you’re gonna sign a bird)
You’re gonna siiiiiiiiign that bird
You’re gonna sign that bird (yeah yeah you’re gonna sign a bird)
You’re gonna siiiiiiiiign Reginald’s leg cast

A bird: A bird! A bird! A bird! A BIRD!

Something something this corner one fall What Are You Playing elocution something something.

Bonus question: If you could speak any one language fluently you do not presently speak at all, what would you pick and why?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Saturday is Caturday, as Pokemon Go is doing some special research tasks for the three kinds of Meowths we have in-game. Also gotta work on my Animal Crossing Halloween decorations. I did complete my virindi costume though, so Asheron’s Call fans should check my twitter if they’re curious about it.

Oh man, my background is in linguistics, but my first thought is Mandarin. I have so many friends who speak it but weirdly don’t try hard to teach it, which makes it a million times harder to learn outside of class. More so than Japanese in my opinion. And that’s the other reason: it would make it easier to learn/retain my Japanese. Oh, and I’ve never learned a tonal language, so there’s that. But American Sign Language is a close second.

Andy McAdams: I’ll be putzing around in World of Warcraft, Baldur’s Gate 3, Fire Emblem Three Houses, and Minecraft over the weekend. There’s not much going on in WoW at the moment while we wait for pre-patch, but next week I’ll probably pivot back and level up a new character in the new leveling experience.

Bonus Question: Irish/Scottish Gaelic. I’m very Irish and very Scottish, and I love the way the language sounds. I even tried to learn it on Duolingo but it was rough to suss out the pronunciation rules.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I’ll definitely be in at least Star Wars Galaxies Legends this weekend. I’m going to attempt a big restock because my fall is about to get crazy busy.

Chinese for me. I’ve studied a bunch of languages, but I never got to Chinese and I regret it.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): There will be a lot of Genshin Impact in my immediate future along with a bunch more of my new favorite pastime in City of Heroes Homecoming. That seems like the bulk of my gaming plans the next few days.

Oh man, there are so many languages I’d love to be fluent in! My first pick would obviously be Greek for my heritage, but I would also love to be fluent in Welsh as a nod to my family-in-law or Japanese purely because I’ve always wanted to learn it ever since I was a wolf pup.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Well, everything launches next week. Final Fantasy XIV still has some reconstruction to do, though, so I’ll definitely be doing stuff in there. I’ve also got a couple other projects ahead of next week’s patch onslaught.

The obvious answer would be Japanese (I’m not fluent in French, but I speak enough that I disqualified myself from the bonus.), but I’d really love to be able to speak Spanish. Hey, that means a whole new aspect of communication with a lot of people in the US! Plus, it’s a lovely language.

Mia DeSanzo (@neschria): This is going to be a recovery weekend for me, as every week and weekend for the last 2 months has been stressful and overscheduled, as well as stressfully overscheduled. Last weekend was a traveling weekend, spent with my sick mama. This weekend, I am doing neither jack nor… stuff. I downloaded DC Universe Online for the very first time, so I will check that out. I will undoubtedly play more Rimworld. I am iffy on Black Desert right now, so I might check into Phantasy Star Online 2 instead. That’s what I have in mind anyway.

I am a bit of a language nerd, so I had to really think hard about which language to pick. There are so many languages I am interested in. If I were just going to suddenly be fluent without devoting time and energy to study, I would say Korean. I have played a lot of games out of Korea over the last two decades (more or less), and I have been frustrated by my inability to read or understand Korean to be able to enjoy the announcements of the neat new features coming down the pike. Runners up would be Mandarin Chinese, Bulgarian, and maybe Georgian, all for different reasons.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): I’ve been playing a little bit of Vendetta Online. Mostly though I’m still trying to wrap up Hollow Knight. I’ve avoided looking up any walkthroughs, so I don’t know how close I am to the end, but it feels like it’s close.

I think I might like to learn Japanese. I watch so much anime I think it’d be cool to understand it in its original language.

Tyler Edwards (blog): I’m starting a month-long spree of Ravenloft D&D sessions this weekend. For video games, I was considering starting up Call of Cthulhu.

Bonus question: Does it need to be a real world language? If not, Elvish. Otherwise, maybe German? I always liked the sound of it. Or maybe Finnish or another Nordic tongue to reconnect with my roots.

Pierre, patron: The road to platinum trophy in The Last of Us Remastered is a long long one, but I still enjoy playing this game, even if I know the story by heart. I found some new games to play, or should I say some old games. One of them is the Tomb Raider reboot from 2013, as I never finished it. I played something like 50% of the game. Hopefully, I will manage to go to the end this time. Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition is my RPG of choice at this very moment. I never went very far in this game, and I don’t understand why as it’s an excellent RPG. Another one I’ll try to finish this time.

Bonus question: I’d really enjoy speaking Russian fluently. It’s the most beautiful language I’ve ever heard, in terms of musicality. I’ve studied the language for two years as a third foreign language (English and Spanish are the other two I learned at school), but it was so many years ago and I didn’t practice since. Practice is the key to speaking any language fluently. I think the Russian language is beautiful and very musical as it exploits the whole spectrum of acoustic frequencies the human ear can perceive. French on the other hand is one of the poorest in terms of acoustic spectral range, probably the reason why so many French people have difficulties learning foreign languages. But enough with these technicalities. What are you up to this weekend MOP readers? Let us know in the comments

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Bruno Brito

So. Where do i begin.

I’m outta cooking gas because it’s windy as hell in my house, which made the gas not last very long. I think i bought it 4 months ago, tops. At least i had prepped some food for the week, right? WRONG. In Brazil, we have the habit of eating beans and rice, it’s the staple of our lunch. I had a pan for one week, prepped with pork and onions, it was delicious.

It got bad in a day. I’m highly sure some of the pork was expired, for it to go bad so quickly. While i’m lucky to not eat bad food, i’m now without much to eat for the week. -_-

Gaming: EQ2, Smite, considering going back to SWG:Legends. Waiting for SL pre-patch so i can play F2P 20.

Other: I did goblin.

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Jack Pipsam

Greetings all, I hope all your weeks have been a good one (or as good as they can be).

Continuing from last week, I spent the week attempting to learn more of Ultima Online in short daily sessions. I truthfully haven’t made it off the starter island of New Haven yet because I am scared to do so until I have all the core basics down haha.

The revelation moment came for me in my attempt to cut down trees for lumberjacking (I can totally see the echoes of UO in RuneScape now), but instead of clicking on the tree and my character just hacking away, I had to equipment the axe first, okay cool, but then it still wouldn’t work. When I read in the skills area that I had to click the axe first, then click the tree, that pretty much clicked off my actual understanding of how I’m meant to interact with the game and the natural benefits which came from dragging the axe to the hot bar and assigning a number to it.
From this I figured out fishing being the same core idea, click the pole, then click the water etc.

I can in a way appreciate the logic of how the tutorials is setup, if I want to learn tinkering or something the NPC gives me strong wink-winks that I should be doing mining first, but then when I make my way to the mining camp, they don’t actually tell me how to mine, but instead tell me I should go back to the town for the animal trainer to get a packhorse to dump my ore in as I wouldn’t be able to hold enough.
I can see how they’re trying to organically funnel me from one aspect to another here, tinkering/blacksmithing to mining to animal trainer, but none of these NPCs ever actually tells me how to do the actual thing they’re meant to tell me. The closest I got to any kind of instruction was the cooking trainer telling me I needed a rolling-pin to make dough, that was the most direct instruction I have gotten in my entire week from one of these NPCs. But the only reason I knew the rolling-pin thing was because of Fletching (which I learnt from another player, I’ll get to that).

So I’ve done the “quest” for fishing and lumberjacking, fishing was quite the strain I spent quite literally fifty-plus minutes clicking on the water for the messages only to tell me that I didn’t catch anything and if I did it was most likely a pair of sandals. The quest wanted 5 fish, so even though I didn’t catch anything it did slowly increase my fishing skill so I started to get more fish over time, problem was the quest specifically wants 5 GREEN fish, they don’t tell me this until I went back to the NPC said “remember I want 5 green fish” even though they didn’t say that. I know it took forever because I on my second monitor watched the entirety of Labor’s Budget Reply speech (as you can tell it was a very exciting and high-thrills Friday afternoon for me).

Handing in quests was another thing I had to learn by reading up online, so I can’t just just talk to them when I’m done or drag the item on them, instead I’ve got to click on myself then active toggle quest item in my bag and THEN I can talk to them to finish my quest.
The game didn’t tell me this, I had to read it online.

As for mining, well I entered the cave and was attacked by rock elementals. I can take on and kill one of them, but they seem to be in a pack of three now and I cannot deal with that. I somehow feels it’s my fault because on my first entrance there was only one nearby, but now there’s always three at the door who wake up, so I’m guessing I caused that.
I cannot mine the actual rock on the walls like any other game, but instead I need to whack at the floor with my pickaxe to get ore, so far this is the easiest of the skills as I just can click on the floor, or now click on the floor while running around like an idiot being chased by a pack of rock monsters running in and out of the cave, I have to leave my pack horse outside lest it be killed.
Feeling good about myself I take my ore to the forge like the NPCs *hinted* I need to do, so I dump my ore in the forge and I pretty much always lose it, so I have no idea what I’m doing wrong, so I will need to read up on that more a bit more.

So, other players. One thing UO seems to do is lock you to one chat channel at once, I cannot view General and Help at the same time (if you can I don’t know how), for the most part the chat is empty as sin, no one speaking apart from a random spambot advertising gold for sale and the odd person saying something into the void I don’t understand and never a reply.
But I did once happen to type as a test into this about my confusion about how if you need to buy something from a shop you need to first deposit gold into an account at the bank. Suddenly I had like five people all appear in chat utterly bemused at my presence as a new player, within a second they start throwing tips at me, “Cut the logs into boards, you’ll be able to carry more of them.” to which I had to ask how I’m meant to do that (very simple actually), then someone else was like “Nah, do Fletching, even less weight and you can sell them for more. Go get a fletching kit.” Along with all sorts of other tips, then they’re all asking my different skill numbers in parrying and shit (even though at this point I barely understand any of these mechanics and truthfully still don’t).

Next thing I know, not one, but three different players end up near me all surrounding me as if I’m some exotic beast. They start dumping gold and armour onto me, which I found flattering, but also confusing as I barely understand anything yet.
One player (who I believe is meant to be somewhat of a celebrity on the Oceania server) spoke to me in semi-RP language and offered me some kind of Orb which is meant to tell me how hard something is when I am doing a task, offered in the most possible dramatic way. It is a very useful item though, much appreciated.
This player refused to say the name of any other game, instead calling them “realms” and made it clear I am shouldn’t to say the word “server” but rather “shard”, it became clear with them talking these folks have been playing this game since I was like four-years-old.
It was also through them that they told me about the insurance system when I asked if I was likely to lose the stuff they gave me if I died.

Anyway, after one of the players metaphorically grabs me by the arm and drags me into the town, since they gave me gold I felt I had to follow. They told me to spend it on training skills (which instead of gold from the bank account, you must have on your person). He dragged me upstairs in this place to talk to some trainer of a skill I hadn’t heard of, then he made me go down and give money to the Ultima cross thing (a symbol I have long seen on the box-art), then around the place before he said if I need any help just ask in chat before he teleported right in front of me leaving me alone again.
I’ve never seen so many players since, but the fact I do see the odd person running around on the starter island leads me to think that this server does have a constant active population, but I’ve yet to see it since naturally I haven’t left, my assumption is they’re talking in custom channels or outside of the game in Discord or the like.
Also I’m now fully convinced that if after all this time Ultima Online keeps their locally hosted Australian server online, I’ve officially never going to accept it as an excuse from another brand-new game again not to have one. If UO can do it, they bloody can as well.
So that is where I am. The players egging me on that night did give me the motivation to continue on and their tips were helpful, it did make me somewhat invested to keep on learning, like I owe to them to try since they spent time to come and interact with me as I can barely figure out how to do anything.
So basically, be nice to noobs.
Right now, I am still at the figuring out mining phase, I’ll let you all know next week if I managed to get off the island or not.

The attached picture was the first time I actually managed to catch a fish; I was actually extremely pleased because I had been half-convinced I was doing it all wrong up to then.

First fish.jpg
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I enjoyed reading your comment, your struggle with the game is the same thing i faced, it’s how to do stuff, easy things in other games that require one click but in UO it needs something else, the game could help by showing a hint window explaining how to do that.

First time i played it it took me hours to find one information: how to buy skills, but even then i could not do it because i took a quest first, i have to drop the quest, buy the skill then take the quest again.

Anyway, it’s a game i want to play and enjoy so i’m going back again later, i find it so charming.

Congrats on the first fish 😁


No MMOs for me at this time. MSFS 2020 is on hold until certain gamebreaking issues are fixed, so in the meantime i’ve reinstalled Baldur’s Gate 1 (in response of the BG3 early access), and am currently having a pretty good time playing Genshin Impact.

I’ve also picked up Squadrons, however the deadzone issue with HOTAS flight systems is making the game relatively unplayable for me, so hopefully that gets resolved soon too.

All in all, not a very bountiful list of games for me unfortunately.

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Haven’t been doing much MMO’ing lately. I’ve been outside enjoying peak New England foliage (and mowing the lawn while I’m at it). I’ve been doing some PNP gaming, DND and (new to me) Pathfinder. A friend of mine is a state senator up for re-election, so I’ve been doing some sign-carrying for her. Interesting how people are voting via mail so early, the politicians want us out holding signs now instead of on Election Day. Then again, I voted last week. I have been playing some modded Skyrim. Is it worth checking out WoW now that BoA is free? Sorta thinking about it. I haven’t played since the tail end of Warlords.

Languages. I speak English, some French, a little German, and can read a fair amount of Latin. If I was going to get a language gratis, I’d pick something Asian, to get leg up on the structure of the Asiatic language family. Chinese, or maybe Korean.

Have a nice weekend all.

Malcolm Swoboda

Got sidetracked this week!

And I’m early for once!

  • Genshin Impact – Very, very active play, just without any min/maxing mentality. Done most of the prologue region (zone statues are at Lv 9) and just stepping into the first chapter. My neck’s been wrecked recently so a bunch of days finding the most comfortable position on couch to game for extended periods instead of something more productive. Having a mostly great time! Played my first co-op and while the system isn’t exactly intuitive yet.. I got my use out of it and can do it for daily resource fights.
  • Wizards Unite – Done. The devs have seemed to crank up the milking of players hardcore so I only see doom ahead unless there’s a major feature announcement this close to the weather turning too cold to easily stroll. I’m just going to read the little lore entries I’ve collected and then delete it. Almost 1.5 years of play! I do not suggest this game, and its only updated (beyond lame events) enough for 0.5-1 year stretched out. Very slow and I don’t have much hope for it, but I’m glad it got me outside walking and jogging much more than otherwise.
  • Last Cloudia – Nothin! Okay, well, Re:Zero collab event.
  • Tales of Crestoria – Nothin! Okay, well, a bit of event stuff, but I think I’m going to miss regular play of this due to Genshin and transferring Crestoria to an emulator. Chopping block ;), but I love the main story so I’m hanging on.
  • Distancing Hangouts – Nothin! Okay, some planning happened but didn’t pan out. Maybe don’t invite me to Among Us at 11pm :)
  • Lord of Heroes – Some casual play through its story. Probably not keeping up beyond that.
  • Hundred Soul – Actually had to drop it, too many network errors. For a f2p copypaste action rpg mobile title it wasn’t half bad otherwise.
  • Logins: Magia Record (shutdown soon), Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Another Eden (they added video ads…)
  • Suspended: SWTOR, Remnant, Terraria

Partner is doing SC Remastered expansion, and finished FFX, starting FFX-2 (YRP In Position)! Alan Wake is downloaded for later.

Not doing family Thanksgiving dinner. We’ll be trying cooking some vegetarian/vegan recipes at home instead.


Genshin’s still impacting me, at least enough to log on and run around a bit. It’s BotW enough that I enjoy running around a while just poking my nose into stuff and doing the occasional puzzle, but my attention’s starting to get diverted…

By a big mistake. Been missing my usual physical activities so I figured ‘hey Ring Fit Adventure seems nice, I’ll try some of that!’. That was the mistake. That isn’t a game, that is a torture implement tied to a baddy dragon that some people got really, reaaaally, into. I’m regretting every day I boot it up… But it’s nice when you’re not exactly in a great position or have the chance for more conventional exercise! So… sweating it out! Also, no clue how my Joycons start out half-charged when I’ve literally never used them and its always in the dock… Weird.

Also also, Hyrule Warriors still. Claws are in me now, as I forgot how addicting a good Dynasty Warriors/Musou game can be… And that’s just exciting me about the sequel (technically prequel?) next month… Along with remembering Yakuza 7 is out then, and Demons Souls might be following that up and I need a PS5-andohgodBloodbornePS5Icouldplaythatmoreand…

… Yeah…

Bonus Question? Well the few years of high school and college courses of Japanese disqualifies that easy one for me. Could I just say like… British English? Just magically understand some of that, throw in Cockney (I know like… two general terms from the latter, be nice to just know all of the rhyming and slang)? No? American English disqualifies that too?

Well… Latin. Dead Latin. If I can’t have fun with obscure terminology to confuse people about tea leaves and apples, at the very least I can have fun with obscure languages to frighten people with since literally nobody speaks in Latin anymore.

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Star Trek Online dropped its new story chapter this past week, so you all know where I’ve been.

Do I like it? Yup, but I’m a big Star Trek fan, so your mileage may vary.

I’d talk about some of the cool things I think they’ve done in this latest story, but anything I could say would effectively be a plot spoiler at this point, so I can’t elaborate.

I’ll leave you the attached pic, instead. :-)

Bonus Answer: Honestly, I wish I were better at the extra languages I have already learned (French, German, Latin). I don’t get much chance to use any of them, so they erode year by year.

I can still pick out meanings in some writings, and with the French and German, I can understand the basics of what is said to me, some of the time, but I no longer retain enough vocabulary in my memory to answer back. It’s irritating.

Take care of yourselves, and each other, please!

Be well!


I’m a HUGE Star Trek fan. Like posters on the wall, uniform in the closet, encyclopedia on the shelf, miniatures galore type of fan. And yet i can’t get myself to log into STO any more. In my opinion (obviously YMMV) i feel that over the years the game has completely lost direction, and is now a mish-mash of 27 different time continuums, time travel and generational mingling is a complete norm, so many storylines that intertwine and intersect, and all of it with the sole purpose of fan service at its core.

Every single new piece of content is “hey guys, remember THIS GUY?!” type of content. I feel like the direction of the game is dictated by who’s agent they managed to contact for VO work.

Star Trek was always about original stories, complex social issues, morality, and of course space battles. This is what kept it leaps and bounds above and beyond Star Wars. They didn’t need to reuse the same assets over and over to keep the franchise fresh. It wasn’t all about Han Solo, Luke and Vader. There was an entire galaxy to explore. And what is STO doing? Revisiting original star trek episodes, focusing on specific characters from TNG/VOY, and plugging in Discovery storylines.

If i sound bitter, that’s because STO was one of my favourite games when it came out and i’m a proud owner of the collector’s edition. It hurts me to the core how much it turned into something i despise about today’s entertainment.


I have upgraded to macOS Catalina today and the new Apple Music app (that replaced iTunes) ruined my music library. I lost two thirds of my album covers, the remaining covers are of lower quality, and some albums seem to be missing entirely. In one case the album still showed up but the files were missing and I cannot download them from Apple again, even though I had bought it via iTunes, because the “artist has decided to remove the album from iTunes” (according to Apple support). Also, the 3-column sorting from iTunes isn’t available anymore, meaning you can no longer organize a large library.

After this experience, I do not dare to open the Photos app (which has replaced iPhoto) because it will probably do similar things to my photo library.

That’s the problem with the all-in-one solution from Apple. If they decide that you should no longer use your music library and instead subscribe to their streaming service, they simply reduce the features of the app that support(ed) the unwanted behavior.

Gaming: I played ESO a bit over the past 10 days to make progress towards map completion in Aldmeri Dominion and Ebonheart Pact zones.

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Ouch! Michael that’s horrible that you lost all your music, and may lose your pictures too!

I don’t suppose you’ve got backups somewhere on disc, or USB? If you’ve still got the files somewhere, maybe you can find a way to restore them eventually?

I guessing that you can’t be the only person Apple burned with this update in this way. Maybe if enough angry customers complain, they’ll patch in a better solution?

I hope you get your data back, somehow, sooner than later, pal!



Yes, I have backups. But I have to see how to get this working again. Maybe I will try some other, open source app for managing the music. We’ll see.


Sorry to hear that. :(

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Jack Pipsam

I remember when iTunes was the beast, but watching it slowly get worse and bloated over time was horrible.
It’s terrible that you’re now left without access to things you’ve paid for and those you can in a worse-state.

Bryan Correll

Finally starting to really ‘get in’ to Heist League in PoE now that I’ve finally got enough passives and half-decent gear to make my build (bleed heavy Gladiator) work.

Bonus: Tough call. Mandarin would be a good choice given it’s the most common “first” language in the world and the second most common in number of total speakers (English is first and I’m already purty gud with it.)
But Spanish would probably be the best choice for me given the large and growing population of native speakers in my little corner of the world. Plus I already know a fair bit of Spanglish.

Edit: If there’s one thing that I am absolutely awful at doing (well, there’s more than one thing but this is the most important) it’s learning non-English languages. I muddled my way through high school and college French, but I never managed to think in anything other than English.


This week: I was supposed to report on how I am hanging out with my folks getting myself stuffed on Canadian Thanksgiving nutrients and goodness. You know…


…while patting engorged belly.

Unfortunately though, that has been entirely stymied by a Butterball sized second wave of Coronavirus nutrients and ungoodness in this jurisdiction. So I sit here alone looking forward to next years said holiday, if it ever comes. /le sigh

Also this week: I think I should log into WoW to check on my characters before 9.o pre-patch crap hits the fan this Tuesday. On the other pigtail, I’m way too immersed into the Blade & Soul to really bother. >.<

Bonus Answer: That distant language in which I garner most of my names of my toons from, including this one…

#KnowWhenYouAreAWeaboo :(

…er, have a great week and weekend folks! And stay safe! <3

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Sorry, Covid stole your Thanksgiving, Uta! Better luck next time? :-(

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Seven plus months in and I’m still misreading it every once in a while as Corvid, and picturing black birds flying off with Utakata’s turkey and all the fixins.


If mysecretid-san said Corona instead, my dinner would of been walked off by marauding bottles of Mexican beer. >.<

Bryan Correll

They’ve suffered as much as anyone.

comment image

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Jack Pipsam

I looked up Canadian Thanksgiving, it looks like a great and wholesome time.
I really hope you get to fully enjoy it next-year!

Bruno Brito

…while patting engorged belly.

I’m hungry.