MMO Week in Review: Crucible is canceled


Good news, junior high students everywhere: The Crucible is canceled! Nobody even likes that play. It’s boring and sanctimonious and tedious – good riddance!

Oh. Not that Crucible. The other Crucible. Amazon’s Crucible. Yes, Amazon canceled its malingering flopped shooter Crucible and tried to bury the news on a Friday night. Boo hiss. But also, everyone saw that coming. Sorry fam.

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If a MMO going into milking industry then stop doing the same old thing like that from the past again and again.


I think it’s just a testament to the fact that you can’t half-ass an online multiplayer team shooter/action game and it’s also a very saturated market to where you can’t depend on getting millions of players right away. Maybe having PvE content would help, but who knows. I just don’t think you can go into it half-heartedly and expect a good return on it.

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This is something I’ve been pondering recently; why do we get so many of these online MP games like Crucible that launch in such a bad state when they have to compete with so many other games of a similar ilk?

Crucible, Battleborn, Gigantic, Bleeding Edge, Brink, Last Year, and many others all pop into mind. Even though I like Gigantic and Battleborn, all these games had/have issues that hold them back and see other games perform so much better than they did. Even my beloved PvZ shooters have hit this with Battle for Neighborville, which has not lived up to GW1 and GW2 (which are still playable and purchasable right now), as they tried to chase OW’s former success, but lost sight of why many of us prefered GW1 and 2 to other shooters.

How do these companies expect to compete with games that, may have their own faults; but that work well, have had time to better balance things and add content, and have an established community? When a game requires or at least relies on a large playerbase to sustain it like these games too, this seems like such an expensive gamble in the first place, giving us a game that also has problems, is boring to a large number of players, and has other issues seems like all they will end up doing is flushing all that time and effort down the tubes. I’d think the minimum would be to have a game that works and plays well and brings something new to the scene.

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Yeah… The game was pretty damn bad… It was like a bastardized version of Overwatch and Warframe, but worse than both. Hell, it wasn’t even as good as Paladin’s, or Team Fortress.. Or really any game it might possibly be trying to compete against.


I could not last 10 minutes in the game before uninstalling it. Everything felt wrong about it – the map, the game modes, the gunplay, the way characters were bullet sponges. It just wasn’t fun.

I’m not surprised this is what they decided to do with the game, but I’m disappointed, because me and many others provided a lot of feedback and all that was ignored and they just kept doing what they thought was right for the game.

I don’t know if they were counting on returning the game to CBT and judging by how many CBT testers play will steer their decision whether to keep the game or can it, but they have approached this whole project in the wrongest way possible.
They released a game that was flawed and boring by design and just relies on fads to be popular, then they completely ignored feedback and kept doing what they think is right, not what their players wanted.

I wonder if they released in May, because Valorant released a few months prior and they just thought they will be able to compete with that…


I actually enjoyed The Crucible. High School freshman English class reading.

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