V4 introduces a capture the flag-style PvP mode, merges three regions, and adds a new area


Nexon’s PC and mobile MMORPG V4 has gotten some new things for players to do in a recent update, whether you’re a PvP player or someone who likes to run around new areas.

For the PvPers, there’s the Halidom Rush mode, which reads way too close to Hamidon for my liking. This mode isn’t about fighting a giant blob, though; it’s a capture the flag-style PvP mode where players will collect the Halidom and bring it to a specific location on the map. Those with the Halidom will get a buff, but fast travel and mounts won’t be allowed. Victory secures participants a Hero’s Benediction buff, which increases loot and experience earnings as well as additional boss damage. Halidom Rush opens every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday between 11:00 p.m. EDT and 11:59 p.m. EDT.

As for everyone else, the Madding Forest, Curse Plains, and Anguished Forest regions have all been merged into one region while the new Arrogant Plains region has been added, new gear slots for vessels and medals have been added, and region bosses have seen some adjustments including increased HP for some bosses and a reduced minimum contribution requirement for the participation award.


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It’s not really a game since it plays itself and doesn’t need player interaction. I don’t see how this is even news-worthy.

Net Pay

Just ignore this app, it has nothing with the game, just a money sinking something. I’m actually wondering why you even mention it here.